PTI Conference: Speakers You Need to Meet (Part 2)


At Port Technology’s upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference you will get the chance to meet a vast array of speakers.

Held in London this month from April 19-20, the event’s focus will be on the automation and training sectors of the port industry.

Over 30 leading industry professionals will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on best practice and the best methods to develop terminal automation.

We've picked ten more speakers and featured their videos or insights below so you can get an even better taste of what's to come!



1. Nick Earle

Hyperloop One’s SVP of Worldwide Field Operations, is part of a team that aims to transform transportation by accelerating magnetically levitated pods sized for people or freight through low-pressure tubes at very high speeds direct to their destination.

Watch the video below to understand more about the company's vision:



2. Dr. Stefan Wiech

Partner and IT strategy consultant at Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH (HPC), an independent subsidiary of HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (Hamburg Port and Logistics Corporation), the largest and most diversified port operating company in Hamburg.

Watch how its thought-leading processes have influenced automation below:



3. Professor Evangelos Markopoulos

Markopoulos holds a BS and MSc in Computer Science and a PhD on ICT Project and Investments Management.

As a computer scientist, Professor Markopoulos has worked predominantly in the US with ΙΒΜ, Siemens and with Bell Laboratories.

In Markopoulos’ recent research paper, ‘Gamification Reshapes the Global Economy’, it is stated:

“The evolution of the Industrial Revolution from industrialization to automation and from the technology management to the knowledge management indicates the needs of the port industry and society for creative simplicity.

“The need for achieving more for less is highly associated with simplicity that needs to exist in every organizational operation.”


4. Eduardo Bustamante

A Civil Engineer with MSc in IT at the London School of Economics, Bustamante is an IBM IoT Board of Advisors Member and IT and Operations Director at the Port of Cartagena.

Bustamante has implemented the IoT strategy for the Port of Cartagena, integrating RTGs, which he will be speaking about in more detail at the event, and live information to boost terminal security, productivity and reliability.

Watch the case study below:



5. Ron Robinson and Jarno Kuipers

Two of Kalmar’s top professionals, Robinson and Kuipers, will also be joining the conference.

Kuipers, Senior Manager of Terminal Development, is a container terminal automation professional with more than 11 years’ experience in port automation with his background is in the operation management, sales and execution for automated ports and projects.

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Robinson, Sales Director for automated terminals, started his career as a navigating officer on container vessels with P&O when it was still operating as a container shipping line and went into the port business working in the Port of Tilbury on the Container and RoRo terminal in various Managerial roles, ending up as the Terminal Manager.

During this period Ron led the development of a new dedicated short sea container terminal and then spent 14 years in sales and consulting for Navis and Tideworks Technologies in TOS systems.

Look at what Kalmar does in more detail:



6. Ralf Konnerth

Before becoming Konecranes' Vice President of Contract & Project Management, Konnerth worked as a Commission Engineer of industrial robots for GMFanuc and ABB in the automotive industry before becoming a certified PMI Project Manager at ABB.

In 2003 he joined Gottwald Port Technology which later became Terex Port Solutions, which in turn merged with Konecranes and led him to his current role.

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At the conference, Konnerth will focus on the challenge of complying with norms and regulations while interfacing between manual and automated operations.

Learn more about what Konecranes has developed for the port industry:



7. Neel Ratti

The General Manager of Tuscor Lloyds has worked with the company since starting out in the industry as a bookings clerk on the LCL desk, working his way up to becoming an integral part of the management team.

Ratti said: “There has been a lot of coverage about automation of freight pricing. For me this is too early and tech is not there yet, particularly AI required for complex logistical problems.

“I believe the next step is in automation of physical movements and distribution, drones, driverless vehicles and smart ports.

“This is where forwarders and shippers need to focus their investment and efforts.”

Learn more about Tuscor Lloyds below:


8. Oscar Rivella

Set to bring 30 years’ of experience in the maritime industry to the conference, Rivella seeks to comment on how complex automation, technology insertion and efficient power management can improve terminal operations and safety.

Rivella said:

“New regulations are putting electrical power management under the spotlight, complex automation can improve operations, LED lighting can reduce the power requirements, [and] energy storage and renewables can be part of additional resources in decarbonisation era.

“Ports have new priorities [to address] with air quality, energy consumption and noise limitation. This is the way for ports to return to be the true heart of their town as they were in my childhood.”

9. Douglas Watson

The Director Maritime Business Unit Director at Ericsson has gained invaluable insight into the communications industry with senior executive positions at Inmarsat and Motorola, as well as Ericsson.

His involvement in numerous maritime research projects have been funded by government agencies, industry, research councils, the European Space Agency and the European Commission.

See how Ericsson are transforming the maritime industry with the cloud below:



10. Lars Jensen

Jensen brings nearly 20 years of experience from the shipping industry from a number of executive positions across a spectrum of different disciplines, including eight years as Director of driving and developing market intelligence & analysis for Maersk Line, Maersk Logistics and The Containership Company.

The industry polymath currently serves as CEO and Partner of SeaIntelligence Consulting, as well as CEO and founder of Cyberkeel, focused on cybersecurity in the maritime industry.

Watch Jensen introduce himself below:



Bonus: Dr. Eva Savelsberg 

The Senior Vice President of INFORM’s Logistics Division — specialising in Agile Optimization Software, requires rendering a wide range of business processes more productive, agile and reliable, including processes for maritime and inland ports as well as distribution centres.

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In Savelsberg’s latest technical paper, ‘A New Episode in Optimisation: The Agile Force Awakens’, she stated:

“Running efficient rail operations is like running a relay race. The teams must be well-coordinated and able to pass a container from one member of the team to the next while maintaining maximum speed.

“Agile Optimization Software can help to ensure that each container transfer from yard to rail and from rail to yard is perfectly timed and executed.

“Based on the data it receives from the TOS, the software quickly analyses all jobs within seconds and proposes optimised handover times and transfer points at the rail area.”

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PTI has also produced a video articulating the vision for the event

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