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Agile Optimization Software for Maritime and Inland Terminals

INFORM specializes in Agile Optimization Software to improve operational decision making. We offer a wide variety of optimization solutions for maritime and inland terminals. Designed by terminal professionals and powered by best-of-breed algorithms, they are able to make split second decisions, moving every container and equipment into an optimized position, giving them a head start for their next move – irrespective of their grade of automation (manual, semi or full).

Integrating with almost every existing TOS and IT landscape,  these systems render a wide range of terminal processes (e.g. rail crane operations, yard management, etc.) more productive, agile, and reliable. Major terminal operators around the world use INFORM’s field-proven software to speed up their processes: APM Terminals (Maasvlakte II), Port of Hamburg (HHLA CTA + CTB), Port of Los Angeles (TraPac, LLC), GCT Deltaport, and many others.

INFORM is the leading company for Agile Optimization Software. Other applications include Logistics, Inventory and Supply Chain Management, Airline & Airport Operations, S&OP, Materials Handling, Production Scheduling, Fraud Prevention, and Workforce Management. Globally, more than 550 business analysts and software engineers, originating from more than 30 nations, provide systems to more than 1,000 customers in over 40 countries. Solution deployment is turn-key, including individual customization, on-site consulting, go-live assistance, and perpetual 24/7 support.

Yard Optimizer

Assigns an optimized position in the yard or staging area to each load unit (container, empty container, reefer, hazardous cargo, semi-trailer, etc.). The overall goal is to use space efficiently, keep retrieval distances short and to reduce...

Crane Optimizer

Dynamically assigns each work order to the corresponding crane (rail, STS or ASC crane) and optimizes their sequence of work orders. This reduces travel distances and improves on-schedule performance.

Vehicle Optimizer

Assigns each transport order to the most suitable vehicle (straddle carrier, reach stacker, AGV, tractor, etc.) in real-time and creates multiple transport chains. This reduces waiting times and minimizes empty travels.

Train Load Optimizer

Automatically creates optimized train load plans – in pre-planning as well as in real-time while loading is in progress. The result is a faster and on-schedule train dispatch and a significantly higher train load capacity.

Truck Scheduler

Calculates an optimized sequence of loading and unloading points for each truck and automatically assigns the required handling equipment – thus reducing overall turnaround times.

SyncroTESS for Inland Terminals

INFORM's intelligent software for inland terminals has been specifically designed for intermodal processes. It combines a complete TOS and optimization modules.

INFORM: Advanced TOS Optimization: Every second counts

To keep pace with growing demands, container terminals worldwide must speed up their performance. INFORM’s advanced optimisation modules have the ability to make split second decisions, moving every container and equipment into an optimised position. In an optimised terminal, every second counts!

INFORM: Increased Efficiency for Inland Terminals

SyncroTESS, INFORM’s software solution has been designed for increased efficiency in inland terminals, intermodal handling and processes. Combined with TOS and optimisation modules, the system ensures for an improved time delivery performance and customer satisfaction.

INFORM: Is Your Container Terminal Achieving Its Full TEU?

In this PTI interview, INFORM’s Dr Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President, Logistics Division explains why her recent PTI technical paper states that to find optimisation improvements it is important to look beyond quayside processes as opposed to focusing on rail yards.

INFORM: Why You Need to Attend PTI's Container Terminal Automation Conference

INFORM’s Senior Vice President, Logistics Division, Dr Eva Savelsberg discusses her experience at PTI’s 2017 Container Terminal Automation Conference, describing it as ‘unique’ and ‘inspiring’ and explains why you need to attend the upcoming Container Terminal Automation & AI Conference in London March 14-15, 2018.

INFORM: How to Automate Ports and Mitigate Union Friction

Dr Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President, Logistics Division at INFORM illustrates her view on the conflict between automation technology and labour unions in the port industry, seeing it as an opportunity for ports and their workers to benefit by moving forward and embracing technology and the training.

INFORM: Dr Eva Savelsberg, Maritime Supply Chain Thought Leader

INFORM’s Senior Vice President, Logistics Division, Dr Eva Savelsberg discusses her role and responsibilities in relation to the company’s development, as a lecturer at the University of Aachen and as an author of many books and scientific papers.

Increased Efficiency in Maritime and Inland Ports thanks to Intelligent Logistics

SyncroTESS – Optimization Modules: the most sophisticated IT solutions for optimized maritime and inland container terminals

Increased efficiency for Inland Terminals: Intelligent Software for Optimized Container Handling

SyncroTESS – the intelligent software for optimized container handling

PTI Introduces SPSCT18

  01 Oct 2018

Smart Port and Supply Chain Technologies Conference in Rotterdam will bring together industry experts and revolutionary ideas

IHS Markit: Top Eight Technology Trends for 2018

  04 Jan 2018

IHS Markit, a business information provider, has surveyed its leading technology experts to find out the top eight technology trends for 2018

How to Automate Ports and Mitigate Union Friction

  28 Jul 2017

The conflict between automation and labor unions in the port industry has been discussed by Dr. Eva Savelsberg, SVP, Logistics Division at INFORM GmbH

INFORM GmbH Supplies Automated HHLA Terminal

  03 Jul 2017

INFORM GmbH has signed a long-term deal to provide optimization software services to Hamburg’s largest container terminal, HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB).

INFORM GmbH Readies for Unmanned Delivery

  14 Jun 2017

TOS optimization solutions provider Inform has released a blog answering the question of how the logistics industry should respond to the recent surge of investment in robotiziation and unmanned trucks

PTI Conference: Speakers You Need to Meet (Part 2)

  09 Apr 2017

At Port Technology’s upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference you will get the chance to meet a vast array of speakers

INFORM GmbH Software Simplifies Rail Expansion

  30 Jan 2017

HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) put INFORM's Rail Crane Optimisation module to the test when they completely reconfigured their rail terminal to accommodate two additional tracks in an ambitious expansion project

INFORM GmbH: Agile Optimization Strategy

  13 Jan 2017

PTI is proud to announce Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President of INFORM’s Logistics Division — specialising in Agile Optimization Software, as a speaker for the upcoming Terminal Automation & Training C-Level Networking Conference taking place 19 - 20th April 2017 in London

PTI Releases Conference Delegates List

  30 Nov 2016

The PTI conference is providing networking opportunities and is focusing on key issues surrounding port industry automation and training sectors

DSP and Kalmar to Collaborate on Automation

  25 Jul 2016

DSP – Data and System Planning SA – has announced a new agreement to work closely with Kalmar on SmartPort implementation projects

Launching Agile Optimization

When should you power up your TOS?

Power Up Your TOS

There are two factors that impact decision-making in terminal operations: complexity and unpredictability. Complexity is straight forward; how complicated is the terminal environment

A New Episode in Optimisation: The Agile Force Awakens

High performing hinterland systems are mission critical in order to manage peak demands and customer expectations, argues Dr Eva Savelsberg

Top eBook: Cutting-Edge Automation

New eBook from PTI explores the latest trends and technologies in automation and acts as a precursor to the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Event

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HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) goes live with the latest generation of INFORM’s Rail Crane Optimizer - May 25, 2016

25 May 2016
Germany’s largest container rail yard, HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) uses INFORM optimization software for more than 14 years

KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen uses SyncroTESS - April 28, 2016

24 Apr 2016
Intermodal terminals need to find agile concepts in order to adapt their processes to the challenges of digitization. KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH (Germany) uses INFORMs terminal operating system SyncroTESS with integrated optimization software for this.

INFORM launches new AI chatbot

14 Nov 2017
INFORM’s Logistic Division has announced that they will release a chatbot add-on in 2018 for their maritime and inland terminal solutions.

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