Environment and Sustainability

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July 15, 2022
Que Tran, Regional Chief Information Officer and Head of IT, DP World Europe
Edition: Automation Trends
June 10, 2022
Jan-Willem van den Brand, Director Global Market Development Big Trucks, Hyster Company
Edition: Innovative Container Handling
June 8, 2022
Ian Blake, Head of Innovation and Technology, Port of Tyne 2050 Maritime Information Hub
Edition: Smart Digital Ports of the Future 2022
October 6, 2021
Richard Hepworth, Business Unit President, Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure
Edition: Smart Solutions for Smart Port
October 1, 2021
Interview with Timo Alho, Director, Product Management, and Jason Gasparik, Director of Sales, Ports & Terminals, Kalmar
Edition: Smart Solutions for Smart Port
September 7, 2021
Ville Mäkeläinen, CBDO, and Pia Asikainen, Organisational Development Specialist, GISGRO
Edition: An Industry Moving Forward
February 24, 2021
The Port of Marseille Fos is a key multi-purpose port in the south of France. The port has been resilient throughout 2020 against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and with investments planned into the next five years is embarking on a modernisation and development path.
Interview with Marie-Hélène Pasquier, Secretary General, Union Maritime et Fluviale (UMF), and Senior Member, Via Marseille Fos (VMF)
Edition: Ports Embark on Digital Transformations
January 29, 2021
As the drive to improve environmental performance at container terminals continues to gather pace, operators are faced with several choices when it comes to expanding or renewing their rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane fleets in order to achieve sustainability gains.
Marko Rasinen, Product Manager, RTG at Kalmar
Edition: Spotlight on Sustainable Initiatives
January 29, 2021
As marine terminal technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, the demands on terminal IT departments have grown exponentially.
Andy Clason, VP of Technical Services, Navis
Edition: Spotlight on Sustainable Initiatives
January 29, 2021
As the US inaugurates its 46th president and re-joins the Paris Climate Agreement, the status of climate change will climb back up the global agenda and reignite the need to drive down global carbon emissions.
Dr Rafiq Swash, CEO and Founder, AIDrivers
Edition: Spotlight on Sustainable Initiatives
January 29, 2021
In 2019, INFORM undertook the ambitious step of embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN SDGs challenge companies to replace profit maximisation with a multifactor success model that adds "people" and "planet" to the traditional "profit" success factor. We were challenged to assess how we were, or could, contribute to the 17 SDGs.
Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President; Karsten Schumacher, Senior Consultant; Matthew Wittemeier, Senior Manager International Marketing and Customer Relations, INFORM’s Logistics Division
Edition: Spotlight on Sustainable Initiatives
January 29, 2021
Processing greater cargo levels while simultaneously cutting emissions is one of the biggest challenges ports and terminals face today
Max Schwerdtfeger
Edition: Spotlight on Sustainable Initiatives

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