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Quality of Data is Holding Back AI Development at Ports  4 days ago
Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA, has revealed how the shipping industry is blocking the benefits of AI all in a new interview...

PTI Edition 76: Cyber Risk & Security  08 Dec 2017
Port Technology's new edition of the journal will help you understand how to address the growing call for improved cybersecurity

IBM Japan Trials Blockchain With Carrier MOL  2 days ago
Carrier line Mitsui OSK Lines will be testing blockchain technology with the Japanese branch of IBM

MacGregor Splits Smart Ocean Technology Division  2 days ago
MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has made plans to split its Smart Ocean Technology division into a Cargo Handling division and Advanced Offshore...

India’s Port Volumes to Quadruple by 2025  2 days ago
The cargo capacity at Indian ports is expected to increase to 2.5 billion tonnes by 2025, according to a report on ports released by the Associated...

Watch China’s Biggest Automated Terminal in Action  2 days ago
Chinese state media has published new video footage of the world's largest automated terminal — the fourth phase of the Yangshan deep-water...

CGA CGM to Boost Client Protections With New Offering  2 days ago
CG CGM has announced it has launched Cargo Value Serenity, designed to offer greater client protections while on the sea

Port of Rotterdam Hires Chair of the Supervisory Board  2 days ago
Miriam Maes has been appointed Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, in accordance with a decision made by the supervisory...

Port of LA on Track for 9 Million TEU Record  2 days ago
The Port of Los Angeles is on track to be the first Western Hemisphere port to exceed 9 million TEUs

Research Centre Tackles Gulf Coast Hurricane Defence  3 days ago
A new multi-institution research center will focus on helping the Gulf coast do better at preparing for and mitigating the damage and loss of...

Shipping Giants Back Standard to Stop Ship Cyber Attacks  3 days ago
Major maritime organisations are taking steps to protect against the threat of ship system errors and cyber-attacks by developing a standard ...

New Canadian Terminal to Compete with Major US Ports  3 days ago
The Québec Port Authority (QPA), an autonomous federal agency in Québec, Canada, has announced that it will invest in a $400 million project...

First UK Port to Handle Over 1 Million TEU by Rail  3 days ago
​Hutchison Ports’ Port of Felixstowe, the UK’s busiest container port, has become the first port in the UK to handle over 1 million twenty-foot...

Property Developer Prepares for Solo Atlantic Row  3 days ago
A 41-year-old property developer from the UK plans to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean on a 3,000-mile journey that can test even the largest...

Grain Handling Systems in Port to Meet Future Food Demands

Peter Göransson, Siwertell Sales Manager, Siwertell, Gunnarstorp, Sweden

Dust Mitigation for Bulk Cargo Using Atomized Mist Technology

Jason Lesch, Technical Service Coordinator, BossTek, Peoria, US

Performance Improvement in Yard Lighting: A New Approach

Ron Van Duin, Assistant Professor in Technology, Policy & Managent, Delft University of Technology, Professor Port and City Logistics, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences; Harry Geerlings, Professor Sustainable Mobility, Erasmus University Rotterdam;