Question Time

What will be the biggest security issue in shipping in the next 10 years?

  04 Feb 2016
New paper from RAM Spreaders outlines a fresh vision for bulk handling in one of the world's greenest ports in Chile

  02 Feb 2016
Watch the second edition of Port Technology's Global Newscast, featuring the latest news and interviews with Olaf Merk and Neil Davidson of Drewry

Port Industry Hit by China’s Trade Conundrum   3 hours ago
Shipbuilders, container lines, and port operators that took advantage of China’s global resource boom are among the biggest victims of the country’s slowdown...

Maersk CEO on Results and Future Climate. Source: Maersk / Vimeo   4 hours ago
A video released by Maersk shows a video interview with Nils Anderson, CEO of Maersk, in which he discusses the recent financial results of the company

US Ports Struggle with Global Weight Regulations   4 hours ago
The International Maritime Organization’srequirements to verify weights of shipping containers are generating uncertainty at US ports

Friday Focus: Maersk’s Green Scheme   5 hours ago
Maersk has announced its commitment to help selected ship recycling yards in Alang, India by upgrading facilities and practices to comply with the company’s standards...

India’s Billion-Dollar Terminal Drive. Source: iStock   5 hours ago
Kamarajar Port, which runs the Port of Ennore on India’s East Coast, is looking to add a new container terminal at the port in order to double capacity in the next...

Vizag Port Makes Solar Switch. Source: iStock   6 hours ago
Vizag Port in Andhra Pradesh is preparing to run its operations solely on solar power from March, 2016, after already commissioning two megawatts of solar capacity...

Haropa Ports Release 2015 Results   22 hours ago
Haropa Ports has released its 2015 figures in a bid to measure the shipping, shore, customs, and sanitary performance of the goods transported through its port complex...

PSA to Buy Stake in Busan.   23 hours ago
PSA International has reportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) to acquire a stake in HMM’s Pusan New Terminal in Busan...