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CTAC19: 1-Stop Smart Tech Specialist to Speak  5 days ago
PTI is happy to announce that Michael Bouari, CEO of 1-Stop Connections, has joined the list of speakers offering their unique insight at #CTAC19...

CTAC19: Leaders to be Challenged on Automation  6 days ago
As #CTAC19 draws nearer, PTI will be previewing the key sessions and speakers in a series of countdown features

MOL Commits to Augmented Reality  24 minutes ago
The system displays information on other vessels sailing on a vessel’s planned route and surrounding sea areas and other ocean conditions, such...

North Carolina Welcomes Largest Ever Vessel  1 hour ago
North Carolina Ports has welcomed its first 12,000 TEU container ship, following a call by the ‘Kota Pekarang’ to the Port of Wilmington on...

Containers at Port of Oakland Burn  1 hour ago
San Francisco hub the second major US port to suffer in one week

Transhipment Demand Boosts Rotterdam Growth  5 days ago
Rotterdam has recorded Q1 freight growth up 5.1% on the same period last year, largely due to the port’s strength in container transhipment...

ABS Leads Joint Venture on Dangerous Cargo  5 days ago
The American Bureau of Shipping and Cargo Incident Notification System have announced the formation of a joint venture to develop best practices...

Rotterdam World Gateway Reaches Deep-Sea Milestone  5 days ago
Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) has handled its 2.5 millionth deep-sea container on since it opened in September 2015, with an Ocean Network Express...

Demand Boom Sees Oakland Add Direct Vietnam Service  5 days ago
The Port of Oakland has announced an additional direct cargo service to Vietnam, launched on the back of strong US-Vietnamese trade growth

Remote Control Cranes to Boost Felixstowe  5 days ago
The Port of Felixstowe has announced the delivery of its first remote-controlled rubber-tyred gantry cranes

Spanish Navy Rescues Stricken Vessel from Pirates  5 days ago
A warship rescued the crew of a cargo ship held captive by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea for four days, according to the Spanish Defence Ministry....

Riga and Qingdao Sign Port Cooperation Deal  6 days ago
The Freeport of Riga has announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Port of Qingdao in China, one of the ten busiest ports in the...

EU Gives Green Light to Trump Trade Talks  6 days ago
The US and EU could sign a new trade deal after the European Council, the body comprising of European member states, voted to resume talks over...

CTAC19: Ask Your Questions to an Expert  6 days ago
PTI offers a unique opportunity to quiz industry specialists