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Kalmar Global provides cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry around the globe. We are the industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling, with one in four container moves around the globe being handled by a Kalmar solution. We improve the efficiency of your every move through our extensive product portfolio, global service network and solutions for seamless integration of terminal processes. 

Read more about our offering at: www.kalmarglobal.com

Kalmar OneTerminal

Kalmar OneTerminal provides an integrated automation solution, delivered by one team, that brings together Kalmar and Navis software systems, equipment and services for seamless deployment.  Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/automation/kalmar-oneterminal...

Kalmar SmartPort Process Automation

Kalmar’s integrated process automation solutions bring immediate productivity improvements with a relatively small initial investment. Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/automation/kalmar-smartport-process-automation

Kalmar Equipment Automation

Kalmar’s portfolio includes a variety of solutions for terminal automation, enabling the realisation of AutoStrad terminal, Automatic Stacking Crane terminal and AutoRTG terminal – or a combination of those. Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/automation/equipment-automation...

Kalmar TLS

The key to realising the full potential of your automation solutions is ensuring your automated equipment and terminal operating system (TOS) work in harmony and can handle the exceptions typical in your operations. Kalmar’s equipment control...

Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC)

Kalmar’s unique end-to-end automation system encompasses our latest-generation ASC system as well as automated truck handling and (Auto)Shuttles™, all integrated with our in-house terminal logistic system (Kalmar TLS) and the industry-leading...

Empty Container Handlers

Our range of empty container handlers delivers market-leading strength and stability to ensure precise yet straightforward positioning of containers. The flexible design includes side spreaders for twist-lock (single stacking) or hook (double...

Forklift Trucks

Kalmar offers a variety of forklift trucks from light-weight electric machines to heavy-duty industry applications. Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/equipment/forklift-trucks


Kalmar reachstackers are designed to help your operations – and your entire business – reach new heights of productivity. Combining our long experience in material and container handling with our innovative cargo handling technology,...

RTG Cranes

Kalmar Rubber-tyred Gantry (RTG) Cranes are designed for reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective operation. Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/equipment/rtg-cranes

Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Our innovative and reliable ship-to-shore (STS) crane solutions are the result of over a century of experience in crane engineering and construction. In today’s fast-paced cargo handling environment, speeding up ship turnaround times can...

Shuttle Carriers

Kalmar shuttle carriers improve your terminal throughput by decoupling ship-to-shore and yard operations. They are the ideal horizontal transportation system for terminals designed around automated stacking cranes (ASCs) or rubber-tyred gantry...

Straddle Carriers

Kalmar straddle carriers are trusted by terminal operators the world over for their ability to enable faster ship-to-shore crane operations and more efficient landside operations. The Kalmar family comprises four products and includes our Classic...

Terminal Tractors

Kalmar is the world’s leading manufacturer of terminal tractors, delivering more than 60,000 units globally over the years. Our different models of terminal tractors have all been designed specifically to meet the demands of ports and container...

Crane Upgrades

Kalmar is a leading provider of crane upgrade services, with more than 100 years of experience helping customers all over the world enhance the performance of their equipment. We offer the full range of upgrade services – from consultancy...

Kalmar Care

Kalmar Care is a range of service contracts for all brands and types of cargo-handling equipment. We serve you through a global network of 1,500 service and support staff in 120 countries, and are trusted to maintain over 5,800 machines. Read...

Kalmar Parts Care

Kalmar Parts Care provides you with end-to-end visibility of your current spare parts processes by assessing your installed spare parts base and operational data. Through this analysis we can then offer you a plan, which will improve the availability...

Spare Parts

Kalmar’s extensive stock and rapid delivery service ensure that you quickly receive the spare parts you need to get your equipment up and running again. We know that the right part matters. Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/services/parts...

Equipment Upgrades

Kalmar equipment upgrades are designed to take your equipment to the next level. They can be retrofitted to any brand equipment and they meet our high quality standards. Our comprehensive set of solutions will enhance every critical aspect of...

Kalmar Insight

Kalmar has designed a new performance management and optimisation tool that will provide terminal operators with a real-time view of their terminal’s productivity and performance as it is actually occurring. Read more: www.kalmarglobal.com/services/kalmar-insight...

Kalmar: Making Your Every Move Count

The goal for Kalmar is to make every move count. This is achieved through using their knowledge and experience to produce a vast range of products and solutions designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs for customers.

Kalmar: FastCharge™ Virtual Terminal

Kalmar’s FastCharge is the industry’s first fast charging solution designed to produces less maintenance, pollution and noise, allowing terminals to operate 5 STS Cranes, 10 ASC Modules and 30 truck arrivals per hour.

Kalmar: Next Generation ASC System

The next generation automatic stacking crane produced by Kalmar has an optimised lightweight structure with a -10% weight reduction compared to the previous generation. It also reduces energy consumption and operational costs.

Kalmar: New Range of Empty Container Handlers

Kalmar’s new range of empty container handlers promise better performance, reliability and lower running costs for customers with features including a choice of medium or high performance levels, and stop-start technology.

KalmarCare in Australia

Australia’s KalmarCare team optimises machine reliability on all equipment within a customer’s operations. The team’s extensive local support network and parts holding ensures our customers achieve efficiency in cargo handling, serving the customers with swift, consistent and seamless operations.

Kalmar: Technology and Competence Centre

The Kalmar Technology and Competence Centre in Tampere, Finland is a hub for testing, developing, designing and engineering the ideas that shape the future of cargo handling.

Kalmar Insight: Making Sense of Big Data

Based on customer feedback, the Kalmar Insight introduced by Kalmar at TOC Europe 2016 is a ground breaking performance management and improvement solutions that offers terminals a real-time view of their productivity and performance levels.

Kalmar: Hybrid Shuttle Carrier, VIG

A terminal operator from Virginia International Gateway discusses his experience of driving the Kalmar Hybrid Shuttle Carrier, describing it as quieter, more fuel efficient and overall the best machine in the market.

Kalmar: AutoRTG System for Yilport in Port of Oslo

The Port of Oslo discusses some of the benefits they will receive as they take the next steps in automation with a range of ARTG systems from Kalmar. Benefits will include better flexibility when serving customers and improved safety for employees.

Kalmar President: Port Industry Needs to 'Copy with Pride' to Progress

Kalmar’s president, Antti Kaunonen in this interview with PTI at TOC Europe 2017 discusses whether the ports and terminals industry would benefit from automation standards.

Kalmar President: Automated Intelligence in Port Machines

Antti Kaunonen, President at Kalmar discusses its plan to focus on higher levels of sustainability in its operations and how they are working with Cargotec, Navis and XVELA, to develop and invest in equipment, improving efficiency at ports.

Kalmar President: New Wave of Automation for Ports

In this interview with Kalmar’s President, Antti Kaunonen, discussions are made on automation and some of its key drivers including, mega-ports and terminals, safety and productivity improvements.

Kalmar President: The Fight for Terminal Automation

Kalmar's President Antti Kaunonen explains the aggressive way in which ports and terminals are developing automation and the important decisions that are either make or break when it comes to success.

DPW and Infor Partner for Global Supply Chain Platform

  18 Mar 2019

Infor has announced that leading terminal operator DP World has selected its GT Nexus Commerce Network to power a “Global Supply Chain Platform Initiative”

MSC Negotiates for Italy’s Largest Container Terminal

  18 Mar 2019

MSC has begun negotiations with Italian terminal operator Contship Italia for 50% of its shares in the Medcenter Container Terminal

Insight: Automation with Intelligence

  13 Mar 2019

Automation is a growing trend across a litany of global industries, facilitated by the rising scalability of digital solutions and M2M communications

Kalmar Secures Bilbao Forklift Order

  11 Mar 2019

Kalmar has agreed to supply cargo-handling operator Servicios Logisticos Portuarios SLP with five heavy-duty forklift trucks

Kalmar and DP World Europe Agree Mega Supply Deal

  06 Mar 2019

Kalmar, a part of Cargotec Corporation, has agreed a deal to supply leading terminal operator DP World with 63 of its hybrid straddle carriers

Kalmar Sets Out Future of Terminal Operations

  04 Mar 2019

Industry experts explain their container handling vision

Kalmar Celebrates Terminal Tractor Milestone

  28 Feb 2019

Kalmar, a provider of lifting solutions, has celebrated the production of its 70,000th Ottawa terminal tractor

Kalmar Fleet to Support DP World Terminal Project

  27 Feb 2019

Kalmar, a provider of lifting solutions, has announced an extension of its collaboration with leading terminal operator DP World

Kalmar’s Electric Solutions to Boost Uruguay Terminal

  20 Feb 2019

Kalmar, a provider of lifting solutions, has agreed a deal to supply seven terminal tractors and six forklift trucks to the Rio Estiba terminal in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay

Kalmar: Fast Charge Tech to Boost Electric Terminals

  18 Feb 2019

Kalmar, a part of Cargotec Corporation, has published a new white paper focusing on the importance of fast charging technology for terminals implementing electric equipment

Designing Future-Proof Container Terminals

This paper examines best practices and recommended approaches to structuring the design process of container terminals

Eco-efficiency in Terminal Operations

Over the years, the cargo handling industry has made tremendous strides in developing the eco-efficiency of cargo and material handling through more efficient machines, optimization of cargo flows, as well as intelligent equipment and automation.

Terminal Automation Platforms: Open Interfaces

This paper is a shorter version of a full length white paper which will be available on the PTI website shortly

(Whitepaper) The Path to Automation RTG Terminals: Converting to AutoRTG

This white paper describes the possibilities and processes of converting a rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG) terminal to an automated operation

Terminal Automation: Converting to Auto-RTG

Operating an automated terminal requires a thorough change of business processes as well as new skillsets for the people operating the terminal. One way to successfully address these issues is a step-wise approach in converting the terminal from traditional manual operation to automation

Open Interfaces: Standardizing Terminal Automation

Across the globe, container terminal automation is advancing rapidly. Automation, including the insights learned from the data it produces, is almost universally recognized as the future of improved container handling productivity, safety and business performance. However, when compared with other fields (such as the automotive manufacturing or process industries), automation in the container handling business is still in its relative infancy. This has meant that...

Cargo Handling Equipment: How to Reduce Air Emissions

This paper addresses common causes of airborne emissions in container ports.

Maintenance of Automated Terminals

When converting a manual container terminal to automation, the first thing that comes to mind is installing automated equipment and building the infrastructure needed to run it

Efficient Terminal Transportation

Interest in electric horizontal transportation at terminals is growing rapidly. At terminals utilising automated stacking cranes (ASC), the options are the automated guided vehicle (AGV) or the shuttle carrier, either manually operated or automated. As container movement between the quay and container yard is a potential bottleneck, the Kalmar FastCharge shuttle carrier offers a major advantage by fully decoupling activities at both ends. This concept...

Top eBook: Cutting-Edge Automation

New eBook from PTI explores the latest trends and technologies in automation and acts as a precursor to the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Event

Sustainable Terminal Automation

Automation is widely accepted as the way towards improved productivity, safety, efficiency and competitiveness in today's container ports and terminals. Automation projects revolve around an ideal implementation encompassing the following: • Minimal operational downtime • Shortest time to value • Improving operational performance • Maintaining reliability.

Overview of IAPH mid-term conference and board meeting

An overview of the IAPH mid-term conference and board meeting. The conference contains seven sessions, whereby industry professionals discuss some of the biggest challenges facing ports and terminals. The sessions can be broken down into the following segments: port automation; port planning and investment; port operations - women driving success; key note address - raising the costa concordia; big, bigger, biggest; port infrastructure and interfaces...

Automation for Brownfield Terminals

Automating a greenfield (newly built) terminal from scratch is often what comes to mind when discussing automated terminals. However, existing (brownfield) terminals can be automated partially or wholly to achieve the benefits of automation. In this article Kalmar's director for terminal development and automation, Elmar Hendriks, discusses how these benefits can be achieved.

Efficient cargo handling comes from efficient data handling

Since 1986, the worldwide volume of container freight has increased by eight to ten percent annually. The globalization of the world economy, together with manufacturers’ tendency to transfer their production facilities to the Asian and Pacific countries, have been the main factors for the growth of the sea freight industry for the last ten to 15 years.

Striving for best practice throughout the ports industry

PEMA provides a forum and a public voice for the global port equipment sector, reflecting the industry’s critical role in enabling safe, secure, sustainable and productive ports; and thereby actively supporting international maritime trade.

Standardised electronic interfaces for spreaders

Container-handling machines (e.g. ship-to-shore cranes, mobile harbour cranes, straddle carriers, rail mounted gantry cranes and rubber-tyred gantry cranes) are an important business in the increasing market of logistics and transportation. These machines and their spreaders have to exchange command and status information. In the past, the manufacturers bilaterally agreed upon the interface between the crane and spreader, so it was not possible to use a...

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Kalmar to deliver a fleet of rough terrain handlers in North America

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has signed a contract with a major North American sand logistics provider for an order of ten Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCH). The new Kalmar machines will provide easily transportable container handling in rough terrain with capacities of up to 65,000 pounds (29,000 KG). The order, booked in Cargotec's 2017 fourth quarter intake with delivery scheduled to start in second quarter 2018, will serve as the foundation of the customer's new fleet of heavy equipment. The value of the order is approximately EUR 10 million.

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