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Konecranes Group  

Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers in a wide range of industries including mining, metal production, pulp and paper, power generation, oil and gas, automotive, ship-building and container handling (container ports and intermodal terminals).

Konecranes Container Cranes 

Konecranes has the widest and deepest offering for container handling. It comprises manned STS, RTG, RMG cranes and manned Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers. It also comprises Automated RMG, Automated RTG systems and automated horizontal transport systems (A-SPRINTER, AGV, Automated Terminal Tractors). All supported by port service and software.

Konecranes Lift Trucks    

Konecranes offers a wide range of heavy-duty lift trucks optimized for container handling in different applications. These products are developed and supported from the Konecranes Lift Trucks business unit, headquartered in Markaryd, Sweden. Konecranes lift trucks are available in over 80 countries through our appointed distributors and Konecranes country operations.

Ship-to-Shore (STS) Cranes

The Konecranes STS gives the crane operator better control over the positioning of the spreader and container on the chassis, in the cell or on the deck. Dwell times are decreased substantially. This is achieved thanks to Konecranes AC drives...

Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) Cranes

The Konecranes Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) crane is a great example of our ability to be smarter where it matters in the design of container handling equipment. Hydraulics-free high performance Konecranes RTGs are entirely hydraulics-free for gantry...


The BOXHUNTER operating concept, with the cabin at the truck lane, is a first in RTG design and engineering. We took the Remote Operating Station (ROS) concept from our Automated Stacking Crane system and adapted it for use in BOXHUNTER. One...

Automated RMG and RTG systems

Konecranes is the only company to offer both Automated RMG (ARMG) and Automated RTG (ARTG) systems. Our automation technology is built upon the unique design characteristics of our RMG and RTG cranes, and our Active Load Control (ALC) technology...

Automated Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (ARTG) System

The Konecranes Automated RTG (ARTG) system can be delivered as a complete system to a greenfield terminal. At brownfield RTG-based terminals, it allows you to make the transition from manned operation to automated operation while using your existing...

BOXPORTER RMG for Port Operations by Konecranes

The Konecranes BOXPORTER RMG (rail mounted gantry crane) is the result of decades of crane design experience and knowledge from the field. It incorporates a host of technological innovations, most notably the smarter cabin with video and monitoring...

Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (ARMG) System

Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers are known for their excellent maneuverability, high speed and reliability. They do not need yard infrastructure, so initial investment costs are low. They are available in different sizes, stacking containers...

Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers

Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers are powered by eco-efficient diesel engines that comply with the latest applicable emissions regulations in the country of use. They are available with diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric drive types. A wide...

Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes

Our state-of-the-art electric drives offer unparalleled eco-efficiency. Our robust construction, innovative smart crane features and simulator training in realistic conditions enables the smoothest ride in the industry. Our unique mobile harbor...

Konecranes Noell A-STRAD

A great strength of the Konecranes Noell A-STRAD lies in how it can be adopted, in controlled phases, by terminal operators currently using man-driven straddle carrier fleets. The first move could be to automate one section as a trial, then others...

Konecranes Noell A-SPRINTER

The Konecranes Noell A-SPRINTER is built for automated horizontal transport. It’s based on its manual counterpart like the Konecranes Noell A-STRAD, and therefore gives you the same advantages. One of them is the excellent diesel-electric...

Automated Terminal Tractor (A-TT)

Konecranes supplies automated terminal tractors (A-TT) in partnership with Terberg. Konecranes supplies the automation technology as part of turn-key automated container handling delivery. This completes the puzzle of automated horizontal transport...

Shipyard Lifting Equipment

Lifting the ship-building process for over 50 years Whether your shipyard is large, small or in-between, your lifting needs indoors or outdoors, Konecranes is an uplifting partner for your ship-building process. We offer lifting technology that...

Container Lift Trucks, empty 8-10 tons, laden 33-45 tons

Konecranes container lift trucks are taking container handling to a higher level. We offer a complete range of empty container lift trucks and laden container lift trucks that are very stable, compact and high-performing. Konecranes has a long...

Fork Lift Trucks 10-65 tons

Heavy-duty fork lift trucks with lifting capacities from 10-65 tons, made with heart in every detail. Built to get the job done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Konecranes has been manufacturing, selling and supporting heavy-duty...

Reach Stackers 10-80 tons

We offer a complete line of powerful reach stackers for handling empty and laden containers at container ports and intermodal terminals. We have a long history of working with container ports and intermodal terminals that are expert buyers and...

Automated Horizontal Transport

Konecranes offers every automated horizontal transport option, from Konecranes Noell A-SPRINTERs to Konecranes Gottwald AGVs to Automated Terminal Tractors. 

Konecranes: The Power of De-Coupling the Crane and Operator

In this trailer video, Konecranes introduces the power of de-coupling the crane and operator by exploring the mega trend that is automation and how this can improve productivity and efficiency in container handling operations.

Konecranes: Automation to Build Momentum

In this PTI interview Thomas Gylling, Global Automation Sales, Konecranes, provides his insight on automation as a mega trend and its benefits in the port and terminal industry.

Konecranes: Corporate Video 2013

Konecranes is a world leading group providing lifting solutions for businesses. They offer a wide range of container handling cranes and heavy-duty lift trucks for container ports and intermodal terminals.

Konecranes Parts: Quality to the Core

Konecranes manufactures all core components in-house ensuring reliable and safe crane operations. With integrated product design and in-house manufacturing, customers can benefit from both high performing and low cost port equipment.

Konecranes Launches New Container Power: BOXHUNTER® RTG crane

The BOXHUNTER RTG Crane launched by Konecranes is an operating concept built with the cabin at the truck lane, a first in RTG design. The BOXHUNTER RTG Crane also provides increased visibility for the operator, providing video cameras and laser scanner, monitoring every container move.

Konecranes: BOXHUNTER RTG Crane in Action Part 1

The Konecranes BOXHUNTER RTG Crane is a first in RTG design with a cabin at the truck lane. The operator sits in an ergonomic heads-up position, and Konecranes' advanced video and laser technology gives him total visibility over every container move.

Konecranes: ARTG Container Handling System

The automated RTG (ARTG) container handling system by Konecranes benefits ports and terminals with lower costs, improved productivity and predictability as well as safer operations. The ARTG system is a first in the industry.

Konecranes: GCT Bayonne’s First Five RMGs

The first five of twenty RMG cranes have officially arrived at GCT Bayonne. Designed and manufactured by Konecranes the RMGs were unloaded over the course of three days. These 80-foot tall cranes have the capacity to lift 40 tons each and were built to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All twenty RMG cranes ensure for a heightened level of productivity, customer service, and employee safety.

Konecranes: World’s Largest Goliath Gantry Crane

The world’s largest goliath gantry crane by Konecranes has a combination lifting capacity of 2,000 tons, a rail span of 210 meters and overall weighs around 6,506 tons. Watch the 3D animation of the construction here.

How Konecranes is Ensuring Port Technology Eco-Efficiency

Satu Kaivonen, Environmental Specialist at Konecranes discusses the eco-efficiency of its company’s products and services. Information regarding Konecranes’ environmental product declaration is also disclosed.

Konecranes: EVP Explains Acquisition of Terex

Mika Mahlberg, Executive Vice President at Konecranes discusses the company’s recent acquisition of Terex, Materials Handling Manufacturers as well as the positive impact it will bring for many of its customers.

Konecranes: Top 3 Reasons for Port Terminal Automation

In this interview with Konecranes’ Executive Vice President Mika Mahlberg, the top 3 advantages for port terminal automation are explored. This includes: improved safety, productivity and the ability to forecast activity in the terminals.

Eco-Friendly Marine Specialists Unveil Remote Tech

  12 Feb 2019

Device increases efficiencies while protecting sea life

Insight: The Dawning of 5G

  04 Feb 2019

As the digitization of industry and the global economy continues, a necessity for reliable, faster and more secure networks to connect businesses and the global supply chain continues to grow.

PTI Exclusive: TBA on 5G Networks

  28 Jan 2019

With so many solutions and options available to ports, Dr. Yvo Saanen explains the importance of mobile connectivity for driving digitization and innovation

Straddle Carriers to Support Hamburg Eco-Drive

  28 Jan 2019

Terminal operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG has put the Port of Hamburg’s first duo of Konecranes hybrid straddle carriers into operation

Konecranes RTGs to Support Charleston Development

  22 Jan 2019

Konecranes, a provider of smart port solutions, has agreed a deal with South Carolina Ports Authority to supply three rubber-tyred gantry cranes to Wando Welch Terminal

Friday Focus: Konecranes’ Remote Data Suite

  18 Jan 2019

Tech specialists’ portal for operational maintenance

TBA and Konecranes Boost Cayman Islands Terminal

  14 Jan 2019

The TBA Group has revealed that its Autostore Terminal Operating System has been running successfully at the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands

Konecranes to Deliver Floating Cranes to COSCO

  10 Jan 2019

Konecranes, a provider of smart port solutions, has agreed to supply two floating cranes to a China-led open sea operation off the coast of Guinea

EMG Automation Wins Khalifa Port Contract

  10 Jan 2019

EMG Automation GmbH has been indirectly awarded a major project, with Abu Dhabi Terminals, involving 54 automated rail-mounted gantry cranes

Konecranes Unveils Turkish Operator Deal

  09 Jan 2019

Port to get third new crane in a year

Next-Gen STS Cranes: A Model for the Future

A new STS crane concept for mega ships

Research Paper: Automation and Electric Drives

In recent years there has been moderate annual growth in global container handling volumes – reaching around 700 million TEU in 2017. Meanwhile, the capacity of the world container vessel fleet has increased considerably to over 20 million TEU. Because of this, shipping lines are increasingly operating in global alliances, giving them scope to optimize their services and increase their buying power.

Automation and Electric Drives

Shipping lines are also increasingly operating in global alliances, giving them scope to optimize their services and increase their buying power. For container terminals this has resulted in noticeable reductions in handling rates, larger operational peaks and more idle time in waterside operations.

Seen But Not Heard

Konecranes has been manufacturing container crane for more than four decades. In the beginning, noise wasn't a bit issue, because the ways it affected humans were less well known and residential areas were separate to ports. However, noise pollution has become a major challenge as urban areas continue to expand across the seafront, ports have become busier, and two areas have crept closer.

Update: RTG Automation for Every Unique Terminal

Automated container handling is a recognised megatrend in the container handling industry. It started back in the early 1990s, when the ECT Delta Terminal, Rotterdam, began to use unmanned rail mounted gantry cranes in their container yard, with considerable success. The industry noticed, and investment in new automated terminals grew. Automated container handling technology developed quickly, concentrating on the cranes handling the intermediate storage of...

The New Era of Container Ports: The Industrial Internet

A new era is beginning in the container handling industry thanks to the rise of the Industrial Internet, the world’s hyper-connectivity, and the automation of container terminal operations. New business and operating models are being revealed that offer great opportunities. With that new risks are also being revealed. Opportunities can be exploited and risks can be minimised by building a sound IT network architecture

Top eBook: Cutting-Edge Automation

New eBook from PTI explores the latest trends and technologies in automation and acts as a precursor to the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Event

Case Study: RTG Automation for Every Unique Terminal

The mega-ships are here and the pressure to accommodate them is mounting in container terminals, including terminals with manned RTG yard operations. Automation can be a long-term answer to the mega-ship question, and today, automation features can be introduced to increase the productivity of manned RTG operations

Konecranes: A New Era is Underway

A Q&A with Konecranes Port Cranes Global Automation Sales specialist Thomas Gylling emphasising the 'New-Era' of port operations

RBS TOPX-Advance: automation case study

Special feature insight into sound contemporary automation practice from TOS creators RBS

GREENCRANES: Testing the way to sustainability in ports

In recent years the integration of renewable energy and alternative fuels within the industrial and transport sector has been greatly encouraged. However, despite important efforts, the total share of such greener alternatives remains modest considering the production and consumption energy mix on a European level. José Andrés Giménez, research and development project manager, Valenciaport Foundation discusses the project ‘Green Technologies and Eco - Efficient Alternatives...

The Case for Automated RTG Container Handling

Automated container handling is a recognised megatrend in the container handling industry. It started back in the early 1990s, when the ECT Delta Terminal, Rotterdam, began to use unmanned rail mounted gantry cranes in their container yard, with considerable success. The industry noticed, and investment in new automated terminals grew.

Q&A with Konecranes Director of Port Technology

Port Technology International discusses green technologies, automation, RTGs and other key issues affecting the container handling industry with Konecranes’ port technology director Hannu Oja.

Crane alterations for better efficiency and reduced emissions

One of the Georgia Port Authority’s (GPA) top priorities is responsible stewardship of the environment. This has been demonstrated by the conversion of ship-to-shore container cranes from diesel to electric power, as well as gradually changing other container handling equipment to cleaner burning ultra-lowsulphur diesel fuel.

Khalifa Port: The Birth of a Giant

Khalifa Port is situated next to the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad), a cornerstone of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, an industrial development of massive scale, which is under construction and is intended to stretch over an extraordinary 417 square kilometers.

Breaking with tradition - Interview with Joost Achterkamp, Abu Dhabi Ports Company

Joost Achterkamp, Terminal Area Project Manager for the Abu Dhabi Ports Company, explains ADPC's role in the Adu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and the development of Khalifa Port.

Efficient cargo handling comes from efficient data handling

Since 1986, the worldwide volume of container freight has increased by eight to ten percent annually. The globalization of the world economy, together with manufacturers’ tendency to transfer their production facilities to the Asian and Pacific countries, have been the main factors for the growth of the sea freight industry for the last ten to 15 years.

Mobile lifting equipment range for 2007

Konecranes’ latest generation of SMV Trucks and Stackers are designed and customised for the most demanding applications.

Post-Panamax cranes arrive to complete first phase of container terminal expansion

Crane arrival The decision to proceed with a major terminal improvement programme at the Port of Wilmington, N.C., was based on careful analysis of market demands, especially the needs of many North Carolina businesses that have been using other ports. By seizing the opportunity before us, we at the North Carolina State Ports Authority are confident our ports will play a major role in supplying...

Automatic steering: a winning product with deep roots

Brown, muddy fields at dawn. The smell of freshly applied manure fertilizer in a warm spring breeze. The clickety-clack of an antique turnip harvesting machine in the cool of the evening. At face value these images do not appear to have very muchin common with a bustling container port; all fired up with 24/7 operations, cut throat competition and an insatiable appetite for productivity –...

Striving for best practice throughout the ports industry

PEMA provides a forum and a public voice for the global port equipment sector, reflecting the industry’s critical role in enabling safe, secure, sustainable and productive ports; and thereby actively supporting international maritime trade.

Konecranes Port Solutions

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Konecranes Lift Trucks AB

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Malta Freeport orders fifteen Konecranes RTGs

30 Aug 2018
Malta Freeport Terminals, one of the busiest ports in Europe, has ordered fifteen Konecranes Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes as part of its steady expansion. The first cranes will be delivered at the end of 2018 and the rest during spring of 2019. The order was booked at the end of 2017.

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