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Digital Transformation

The concept of ‘digital transformation’ in ports and terminals can span across a wide range of operations and use cases. From

Big Data and Analytics

Focus on data sourcing, organisation, and analysis is expanding rapidly in ports and terminals. Whether it be carbon emissions of users

Innovative Container Handling

The industry has been on an automation journey for many years now, there is no doubt about that. However, the effects

Smart Solutions for Smart Port

This edition of the journal sees some of PTI’s partners discuss the most important issues facing ports and terminals today as

An Industry Moving Forward

In this edition of the Journal, we take stock of 2021 so far. As the industry timidly emerged from a pandemic-ridden

Port investment and development

Port Investment and Development

As the need to increase cargo capacity in terminals and ports continues, so does investment in expansion, development and new technologies.

Container Terminal Automation Today

As I write this introduction PTI has recently concluded its Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC). During the four day online event

Dynamic Port Automation

Achieving full automation or a truly smart port is not as simple as flicking a switch and turning everything on. For

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