Edition 121

Innovative Container Handling

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Moving through 2022, ports are becoming more receptive to disruptive solutions from industry in a bid to slake the prevalent challenges facing container handling in operations, systems integration, and reducing emissions.

And the industry has answered the bell! Through innovative stacking methods; leveraging technologies; and offering green solutions to reduce port emissions, this Port Technology International 121 Innovative Container Handling edition brings you an array of out-of-the-box approaches to moving boxes around the world.

We return with the latest submission from partners Aidrivers on its big-picture approach to increasing flexibility in digitisation investment. Founder Dr. Rafiq Swash notes that ‘emerging technologies’ such as IoT and AI are no longer revolutionary – rather, they are evolutionary. And it is time for ports to adapt to this evolution.

The team at INFORM has also submitted its holistic perspective on investment into innovation stimulation. Startups, in-house development, or external vendors all offer intriguing pros and cons for a terminal looking to improve its terminal. INFORM takes an objective approach to what ports can do to make sure their investment approach is the right one.

One of the technologies changing the face of container handling is AI-enabled technologies in automation. We are thrilled to welcome a submission from new partners Westwell on their use of Lidar, autonomous vehicles, and automated character recognition in a range of different terminals who have benefitted from the Shanghai-based firm’s solutions.

Ahead of our highly-anticipated Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals 2022 event later this month, Cyberstar will be outlining biggest threats facing ports and terminals globally. With increased digitalisation, automation, and merging of processes comes with it a greater cyber-risk. We spoke to the cybersecurity experts at the firm to find out more.

Moving from game-changing technologies to hardware solutions, sometimes, simple is best. The BOXBAY vertical stacking solution, pioneered by SMS group and DP World, made waves in the industry when first introduced just a handful of years ago. Now, CEO and Chairman Dr. Mathias Dobner returns to give us the latest on the stacking solution’s progress post-pandemic.

Box stacking is one avenue a terminal can go down to manage its capacity challenges – but box joining is another. With that in mind, for the first time we speak to Jesus Garcia, Co-Founder of the ‘Connectainer’ product which inventively connects two 20-foot containers to produce a 40-foot box, equipped with its own unique serial code. Now equipped with the necessary patents and certifications, Connectainer can go global.

As container moves continue to boom globally, becoming more sustainable in moving those containers is critical. Partners Hyster have comprehensively shaken up the industry with its hydrogen-powered container handling solutions, and Jan-Willem van den Brand details the industry take-up of sustainable cargo movers.

Finally, we welcome the return of the International Port Community System Association’s (IPCSA) Richard Morton who details how partner MCP is digitalising processes to manage challenging customs processes caused by Brexit.


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