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Digital Supply Chain

Welcome to the final edition of 2022 for PTI’s E-Journal. This year has been one of continued turbulence for the sector:

End-to-End Supply Chain

If there is anything the past two years have taught us about goods movement, it’s of the critical nature of a

Today’s Supply Chain

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the logistics industry one lesson, it is of the importance of a strong and secure

Automation Trends

Automation and its future in ports is one of the most fascinating talking points across our industry currently. Investment in semi

Innovative Container Handling

Moving through 2022, ports are becoming more receptive to disruptive solutions from industry in a bid to slake the prevalent challenges

Port Development and Investment

As container demand burgeons globally, the use of a port’s resources – financially and operationally – becomes critical for a fully-functioning

Container Terminal Automation

Vessel call sizes are increasing. Schedule reliability is at its lowest ever. Inland supply chains face bottlenecks at rates rarely seen

Digital Transformation

The concept of ‘digital transformation’ in ports and terminals can span across a wide range of operations and use cases. From

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