Edition 126

Enhancing Container Terminal Operations

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Welcome to the 126th edition of the Port Technology International journal!

In this edition we dive into the world of Enhancing Container Terminal Operations.

Impacts of strikes, extreme weather events, and continued COVID-19 lockdowns in recent months have highlighted the need for container terminals to push the boundaries in becoming smarter, faster and more transparent for Beneficial Cargo Owners to keep goods moving.

In doing so, a variety of technological and operational solutions can be applied: from building Port Community Systems, to standardising exchanges of information, to bolstering wireless infrastructure networks as port equipment becomes more connected.

We are delighted to bring you this latest installment of our journal series featuring contributions from a range of industry stakeholders, including Algeciras Port Authority, Nokia, and Quanergy.

Have a contribution you’d like to make to our 2023 journal editions? Email Jack Donnelly, Editor, at jdonnelly@porttechnology.org!


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