Edition 124

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Developments

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As the container shipping industry gets caught in the daily humdrum of disruption and delivery of cargo, it’s often forgotten of the sheer impact the climate emergency could have and its ability to wreck havoc on our industry.

With the IMO 2050 requirements for shipping to hit net-zero carbon emissions comes into view, members across industry are pushing the boundaries in trialling renewable fuels and technologies to go green.

In this PTI 124 ‘Environment and Sustainability’ E-Journal, it is our pleasure to bring you the some of the most well-informed insights into sustainable developments and trends around the global supply chain.

Partners Aidrivers, Vaisala, and the Digital Container Shipping Association have all returned to their takes on how they foresee sustainability investments – centred largely around digitisation and data sharing – creating optimised supply links and optimising industry.

We would also like to welcome container terminal operators of Luka Koper and Modern Terminals Limited for their contributions to the journal for the first time. Both operators are ambitious and industry-leading in developing green ports; find out just how in this edition.

We have two expert insights for our readership in this E-Journal: from US Congressman Alan Lowenthal, and Maxim A. Dulebenets of Florida A&M University-Florida State University, the two US supply chain stakeholders give their perspicacious insights on where industry needs to improve to reach net-zero.

Finally, whilst this journal has had a particularly heavy ports and maritime focus, inland transport links decarbonising is equally as critical as the marine sector.

With this, we welcome the H2Accelerate collaboration, highlighting the potential of zero-emission trucking, of where ports can invest further to provide an optimised service for a renewably-powered trucking industry.


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