TT Club Backs Container Collision Prevention System


TT Club, the sponsor for ICHCA's Innovation in Safety Award, has highlighted a technique in stopping collisions between loads and stacks of containers in a technical paper.

The paper concerned an entry in the 2016 ICHCA Innovation in Safety Awards — the LaseLCPS-3D-2D Load Collision Prevention System.

The scanner impressed judges with features that helped to prevent container collisions in both automated and manual environments, a common problem for many terminal operators. 

Lase's system, designed for rubber-tyred gantry (RTG), rail-mounted gantry (RMG) and ship-to-shore (STS), covers the operating and the adjacent bays of a container stack and has features such as visual and acoustic signals to guide the operator. 

The system, developed in cooperation with some of the world's biggest port operators, can have its speed reduced to 5% during trolley or hoist maneuvers, noiseless soft landings and when moving container stacks closer together. 

The upcoming ICHCA 65th Anniversary Conference will reveal the winner of the 2017 awards.

Technical paper: Safety Initiatives: A Prime Tool

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director, TT Club, said: “The entry from LaseLCPS-3D-2D – Stack Collision Prevention System appeared unique.

“After launching the device in 2014 it has been set in operation in several terminals worldwide, including facilities operated by some of the major global players.

“Such initiatives, however minor, are crucial in facing the evolving risk challenges of everyday operations and reducing the incidence of disruption and injury.”

Find out more about TT Club and Lase

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