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Efficient handling and safety in nearly all port operation sites become more important and due to the permanently competitive markets our laser-based products help to enhance the productivity and reducing claim costs. The modular design, plus the use of standard, highest quality components, allows maximum utilisation of our customers ‘existing infrastructure and technology, minimising up-front expenses.

Due to the trust of the most prestigious manufacturers and automation companies in the world, which rely on the innovations and quality of the laser measurement systems by LASE, we are able to offer customized products and system solutions since the beginning. After over 25 years of our existence we can proudly look back to our achieved goals, but nevertheless we also analyse permanent changes and industry needs simultaneously.

Convince yourselves of our broad portfolio of innovative products and solutions for efficient container handling and safety at nearly all kinds of port operations – either at the gate, truck lane, back reach, yard or vessel.

LaseLCPS-3D - Load Collision Prevention System- 3D

The three-dimensional solution of the safety application LaseLCPS-3D - Load Collision Prevention System is a measurement system which works with two 3D laser scanners mounted under the trolley. The specific LaseLCPS software application collects...

LaseLCPS-2D - Load Collision Prevention System- 2D

The two-dimensional solution of the application LaseLCPS-2D – Load Collision Prevention System is a measurement system which works with two 2D laser scanners mounted under the trolley. The application software collects the scan data, performs...

LaseLCPS-STS – Load Collision Prevention System - STS

The solution LaseLCPS-STS - Load Collision Prevention System -STS is designed to ensure a collision prevention between load and container on the vessel. The use of robust and state-of-the-art laser technology has the objective to diminish the...

LaseASC - Automatic Stacking Cranes

The software application LaseASC - Automatic Stacking Crane is built to ensure a fully automated container handling in ASC stacking yards and supports semi-automatic truck handling in transfer areas. This measurement system consists of two 3D...

LaseCDI-GATE - Container Damage Inspection – Gate

The application LaseCDI-GATE - Container Damage Inspection is a solution applied for the automatic detection of damages while truck arrival at the front gate of the terminal. This combined 2D/3D measurement system generates side and roof profiles...

LaseTDS - Twistlock Detection System

The solution LaseTDS - Twistlock Detection System is built to ensure a fully automated loading and unloading of containers from or to truck-trailers in ASC transfer areas. At this measuring system a 3D-Laser scanner from the product range of...

LaseTPC - Truck Positioning Crane

The solution LaseTPC - Truck Positioning Crane is designed to take over a fully automated truck positioning under STS cranes. The use of robust and state-of-the-art laser technology has the aim to reduce personnel in such danger zones while STS...

LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention

The application LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention ensures a lifting prevention of truck-trailers during the hoist process caused by locked twistlocks. Sometimes it might occur that truck-trailers are lifted up by the crane hoist when one or...

Laser Measurement Devices and Components

The high performance laser scanners out of the LASE 3000D-Series are particularly designed for industrial applications with the background to create a robust, modular and economic 3D-Laser measurement system. A 3D Laser scanner is a mechanical...

Lase SPC Straddle Positioning Crane

This application LaseSPC - Straddle (Carrier) Positioning Crane is a 2D measurement system consisiting of two 2D laser scanners mounted each at the water- and the landsided gantry.  The straddle carriers are equipped with reference markers...

Lase LCPS-3D-2D -Load Collision Prevention System -3D-2D

This specific version of the application LaseLCPS-3D-2D - Load Collision Prevention is a combined 3D/2D measurement system consisiting of each one 2D and one 3D laser scanner mounted under the trolley. The measurement system is applicable for...

LaseAVP Automatic Vehicle Positioning

The LaseAVP -Automatic Positioning Vehicle- measurement system is designed for STS-Crane operations for an efficient workflow in container handling while loading and unloading operations of vessels. A 3D laser scanner from the LASE 3000D-C2-11x...

Korean Terminal Invests in LASE for Stopping Truck Lifts

  25 Apr 2018

NewPort at Sun Kwang Container Terminal in Incheon, South Korea, has installed six more truck lifting prevention systems on its rail-mounted gantry cranes

South Korean Container Terminal System Stops Truck Lifts

  12 Feb 2018

New Port at Sun Kwang Container Terminal has installed a LaseTLP to prevent truck accidents from happening while spreaders are removing containers

LASE Shows Off Straddle Carrier Positioning Crane Tech

  29 Jan 2018

A new video by LASE GmbH has showcased its application LaseSPC - Straddle (Carrier) Positioning Crane — a 2D measurement system for ports

TT Club Backs Container Collision Prevention System

  31 Jul 2017

TT Club, the Award Sponsor for ICHCA's Innovation in Safety Award, has highlighted a technique in stopping collisions between loads and stacks of containers in its new technical paper

LASE Launches Solution for Precision Positioning

  16 Mar 2017

Lase has announced the launch of its new LaseSPC Straddle Positioning Crane for the exact positioning of straddle carriers (SC) under STS cranes

New Milestone for Load Collision Prevention

  24 Feb 2017

Lase, a specialist in laser-based sensor applications for the shipping industry, has achieved a new milestone in its Load Collision Prevention System -3D-2D product development after meeting performance levels for safety standards in the port industry and receiving certification by the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association.

New PTI Edition: Embracing Automation

  25 May 2016

Issue 70 – the latest edition of the PTI journal – has been released and is now available. The edition, entitled Embracing Automation, is one of PTI’s most expansive editions ever

Advanced Driver Assistance: Container Cranes Evolution

The level of automation and safety in container handling has increased significantly in the last years. Many greenfield projects target full automation in ports, yet many of the existing container ports have manual machine operations. Since the beginning of trade, the port itself has been a dangerous workplace where accidents can be deadly. This is why it is necessary to provide assistance to the crane...

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