ICHCA International 65th Anniversary Conference

 October 2-4, 2017    Hotel Santa Catalina, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  

ICHCA International 65th Anniversary Conference

Safe, secure, sustainable, smart and skilled: redefining cargo handling for the next phase of world trade.

When ICHCA was founded in 1952 with a mandate to share logistics best practice in the aftermath of WW II, the world was a very different place. In the space of 65 years, trade globalisation, containerisation and other technological advances at sea and on land have utterly transformed the international cargo handling and transport landscape – in scale, scope and sophistication.

And the story is far from over.

The speed of technological change and innovation in the digital world, combined with shifts in global trade flows and patterns, will present the next generation of cargo handling professionals with fresh challenges. But through all the changes, goods still need to be moved – in large volumes and across great distances, serving supply chains of every description from basic commodities to highly complex manufacturing and retail operations.

ICHCA’s 65th Anniversary Conference in Las Palmas will be built around 5 key challenges confronting all those involved in cargo movement worldwide across land and sea. How do we make cargo operations and handling safe, sustainable and secure? How can we incorporate smart technologies to improve outcomes? And what skills does the cargo handling industry of the future need? Specific focus areas will include cargo packing, SOLAS VGM a year on, dangerous goods, port and terminal safety, energy efficiency and decarbonisation, and physical and cyber security.

Africa is a developing market whose importance in future global trade will increase, reflecting the importance of ICHCA’s Canaries and Africa Regional Chapter and the role Las Palmas is set to play. These developments will also be an important consideration for discussion in October.

While much may have changed since 1952, the fundamental aim of ICHCA – bringing a cross-stakeholder network of cargo handling professionals together to raise the bar for all – is as important today as it has ever been. We hope you will join us in Las Palmas to map out the future and explore how we can harness new technologies and innovative approached to make the business of cargo handling safe, secure, sustainable and efficient.

Further details: www.etouches.com/ichcaconference2017