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TT Club has unparalleled experience in transport and logistics insurance. At any one time, we handle around 10,000 open claims files – covering everything from bodily injuries, contractual disputes and misdeclared cargo to forklift truck collisions and sinking ships. 

This wealth of experience brings you:

  • Expertise in tailoring the right cover for you
  • Experience in helping you to avoid unnecessary risks
  • A single source of knowledge, readily available
  • Confident judgements on whether a claim is worth pursuing in court or not
  • Support from specialist surveyors, lawyers and other experts

An integrated service
Unlike general insurers, we are transport specialists. Our network of local partners – spanning 200 countries – share our integrated IT systems. Our extensive geographic reach ensures we can always get the right person on site quickly – a local expert who not only speaks the language and appreciates the culture, but also understands all the applicable laws and regulations.

Creating added value
As a Member organisation, we continually seek to deliver added value through a range of extra benefits:

  • Loss prevention. We work actively with industry bodies to promote and implement large-scale risk management and loss prevention programmes
  • Industry involvement. We engage in international forums and trade associations, influencing issues that affect our Members, including COA, FIATA, IAPH, ICHCA, ILO, IMO and PEMA.
  • Developing best practice. We continue to be a key player in international debates affecting a range of industry issues, such as the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, the revision of the IMO of regulations relating to container weighing and CTU packing
  • Expert publications. We regularly publish information that enables our Members to stay in touch with significant industry developments. These publications include our monthly e-newsletter, TT Talk, stop loss brochures, risk management guides and handbooks
  • Training and Support. We provide a range of popular training and support services, including seminars and workshops tailored to your precise circumstances and claims history.

Insurance for Ports and Terminals

As ports and terminals diversify into other activities like freight forwarding and logistics they need insurance that is flexible enough to cover new risks and eventualities. As well as port liability risks, TT Club cover can be tailored to address...

Insurance Cover for Ship Operators

TT Club insurance for ship operators offers a comprehensive package of liability and equipment cover to ship owners, charterers and combined transport operators in deep sea, short sea and river trades. Designed to operate in conjunction with...

Insurance for Transport Operators

The role of the transport operator has evolved over the years with increasing competition and changing regulatory frameworks leading to greater exposure to risks and liabilities. TT Club offers comprehensive cover for transport operators...

Insurance for Logistics Operators

Logistics operators are more and more likely to be drawn into the value-add supply chain providing additional services like labelling, procurement and vendor management.  TT Club offers comprehensive cover for logistics operators covering...

Forwarders Cargo Insurance

Our specialist TT Club Forwarders cover allows you to get instant online insurance for your customers’ cargo, in three easy steps: Spec your cargo Get an instant quote Certificate issued online Visit TT Club Forwarders now TT Club Forwarders...

Insurance for Cargo Handling Facilities

As ship sizes continue to grow, cargo handling facilities face mounting pressure in relation to productivity, which in turn can lead to a new or increased level of risk. As well as liability for damage to customer's cargo, ships and containers,...

Loss Prevention – controlling risk and reducing exposure

Our Risk Management team is committed to the ongoing development of advice and information for Members and their brokers with the aim of controlling risk and reducing exposure to potential claims. This includes: Providing support to reducing...

TT Club Claims Service

As a specialist in transport and logistics, with over 40 years’ experience, we’ve seen almost every type of claim you can imagine. Our global reach and access to experts means that we can handle your claims quickly and efficiently....

TT Club Explains Automated Terminal Insurance, SOLAS VGM Compliance

TT Club’s Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director takes part in a one-on-one interview to discuss the impact that automation has on port and terminal risk assessments and the effect of the new VGM rules on the industry.

TT Club: Understanding Risks of Shipping Container Journeys

TT Club’s Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director discusses what the riskiest part of the journey is when securing a container, as well as what people can expect from TT Club in the future.



TT Club was established as a mutual non-profit insurer, similar to the P&I Clubs, using all premiums and investment income for paying claims, administration costs and building up reserves with the Board of Directors drawn from the Club’s membership. There were originally three joint managers all drawn from the P&I sector, although Thomas Miller assumed sole responsibility and remains the management company today.

TT Club over the years

The TT Club has maintained its tradition of responding to industry developments and customers' requirements.

  • 1969 Expanded our initial insurance offering and introduced cover for container terminals
  • 1976 Opened an office in Sydney
  • 1977 Opened offices in New York and Hong Kong
  • 1988 Launched our Port Authority product to cover the landlord and non-operational risks
  • 1995 Opened offices in Genoa and Antwerp
  • 1996 Created ClaimsTracTM, enabling the progress of individual claims to be monitored online
  • 1997 Opened Singapore office
  • 1998 Offices opened in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan
  • 2005 In response to the lengthening global supply chain and changing role of freight forwarders, launched the Logistics Operator cover
  • 2010 Launched the Cargo Product enabling freight forwarders to offer instant cover for their customer's cargo

TT Club Service Commitment

Priding ourselves on the service we deliver to our Members. Our Service Commitment shows the high standards we set and gives Members a benchmark of what to expect.

  • All our dealings with you will be conducted with integrity
  • We value feedback on our performance and will deal with it constructively and promptly
  • We will retain a high level of expertise and knowledge about the industries you operate in
  • An underwriter and claims executive will have responsibility for managing your relationship with the Club
  • We will agree a communication protocol with you
  • Our general operating standards will, however, be based upon us seeking to answer urgent correspondence within the same working day, priority correspondence within 3 working days and routine correspondence within ten working days
  • We will be available to you after office hours and in case of emergencies


Verified Gross Mass Industry FAQ's

VGM Supplementary FAQ's

Verified Gross Mass Supplementary FAQ's

Financial Highlights 2015

Robust performance despite increase in large claims

Insight: Maritime Insurance Today

  18 Mar 2019

As the global logistics industry navigates the challenge of greater demand, the oft-under-reported maritime insurance sector finds itself in flux

MOL to Demonstrate Smart Mooring System

  12 Mar 2019

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has announced it will initiate a demonstration test for a smart mooring rope fitted with a built-in sensor and rope status monitoring system

chainPORT Renews Digital Commitment

  10 Dec 2018

Gathering covered the importance of 5G and smart tech

MSC to Launch Adriatic Rail Service

  19 Nov 2018

Announcement completes company’s intermodal portfolio

Yang Ming Forms Megaship Strategy for 2019

  12 Nov 2018

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation has announced its plans to introduce four megaships in 2019, following an increase in revenue during Q3 2018

TT Club: ‘In-Transit’ is Supply Chain’s Weak Link

  12 Nov 2018

South America named world’s most dangerous region for cargo theft

MacGregor Wins German Approval for TTS Acquisition

  06 Nov 2018

MacGregor, a part of Cargotec Corporation, has received clearance from the German Federal Cartel Office to acquire the marine and offshore businesses of TTS Group ASA

iContainers Delivers Fraud Warning to Shippers

  31 Oct 2018

​IContainers, an online freight forwarder, has advised all cargo agents to pay extra attention to shipments involving switch bills of lading, following an increase in fraud cases

ONE Forecast Plummets

  16 Oct 2018

K Line, MOL and NYK Line, the three companies which integrated their container shipping businesses to form Ocean Network Express, have announced a revision of ONE’s full year forecast

San Diego Suffers Cyber Attack

  28 Sep 2018

FBI is investigating security breach at Port

Q&A: Container Transport in 2043

TT Club, in conjunction with global management consulting firm McKinsey, recently published the ‘Brave new world? – Container transport in 2043’ report, which summarises the passionate thoughts and opinions of industry leaders on what the future holds for the container industry over the next 25 years.

Ship Berthing Incidents: Revealing the Reality

Ship berthing incidents are all too common at ports globally. The two key areas of heightened risk are ship manoeuvring in the port and the process of mooring. Manoeuvring exposes the ship to collisions, while mooring can result in injuries or fatalities to crew or mooring line personnel.

The VGM Ruling: A Review of the Implementation

The much trumpeted container weighing regulation which exercised much of the freight industry last year is hoped to be the mere overture to a concerted effort to bring about significant behavioural change. This paper assesses the degree of compliance with the VGM regulation that has been achieved but also looks forward to what needs to be done to further ensure safety and sustainability in the...

Safety Initiatives: A Prime Tool

It may seem rare that common ship handling and cargo loading operations result in major incidents. However, when such circumstances do arise, the financial and commercial consequences can be significant

Container VGM: One Month In

ICHCA provides container solutions for container handling, It has been almost a month since the inception of the IMO’s SOLAS Amendment requiring shippers to verify the gross mass of a packed container which came into force on July 1, 2016. Prior to the event itself, many in the shipping community were in near uproar citing a lack of communication, a lack of wide consultation on...

Anti-collision Measures

Investments in crane technology could be said to fall into two broad, and sometimes overlapping, categories: those that enhance productivity and those that prevent accidents. There are sound arguments why operators should invest in anti-collision technology.

Mega-terminal Security: Cybercrime Threats

Container shipping is, some half century after inception, remarkably resilient and successful in operational terms. Mankind, particularly in the developed world, takes it for granted that it is possible to buy exotic fresh produce that has travelled weeks from another continent, or pick up a bargain in latest electronic gadgetry that is most likely to have been manufactured thousands of miles from the consumer.

Increased risk of cybercrime at ports

Whilst technological advances undoubtedly provide greater operational efficiencies and opportunities for port and terminal operators to mitigate their exposure to theft and fraud, unfortunately they equally benefit criminal organisations.

Addressing container yard safety

TT Club’s Laurence Jones outlines a typical cause/effect and prevention equation that can occur in container yard operations. While many of the features will be familiar to operators and manufacturers alike, it is unlikely that those that consult the recommendations will be aware of all the technology or operational processes. They will certainly not have encountered such a comprehensive guide to safety in container yard...

Maintenance guidance helps strengthen asset management

As a specialist insurance provider to ports, terminals and the freight transport sector, TT Club identified maintenance issues as a recurrent contributor to costly insurance claims. This was a key driver in the development of a newly published 76 page handbook ‘The Importance of Maintenance – a handbook for non-engineers’.

New approaches to container terminal safety

The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) is to publish new industry recommendations on equipment protection and human safety in container yards. This follows the positive response to last year’s Recommended Minimum Safety Specifications for Quay Container Cranes.

Recommended minimum safety specifications for quay container cranes

In a concerted effort to reduce injuries and loss of life, as well as to reduce damages and delay to port and terminal operations worldwide, the TT Club, ICHCA International and the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) agreed in 2010 to join forces in creating recommended safety features that should be standard as a minimum on all quay container cranes.

TT Club identifies where to focus on loss prevention

Analysis of insurance claims Data used in the analysis was based on the 2006 calendar year, covering all TT Club members (over 2000) which include over 400 Ports and Terminals globally. The data is based on claims records under claim rule ‘Handling Equipment’ and ‘Property.’ Some equipment damage is categorised under other rules, so there will be more equipment claims than are shown in this...

Identifying loss prevention focus

With over 400 ports and terminals globally, the TT Club is one of the best-placed insurers to have data to analyze and provide advice on claim trends and loss prevention actions. Laurence Jones, the Director Global Risk Assessment for the TT Club, says the Club has analysed over 2,000 asset damage claims over the last four years. According to the report, the main causes of...

Calling for more stringent crane ‘tie-down’ procedures

With damaging hurricanes in the Atlantic, typhoons and cyclones in the Pacific, monsoons in the Indian, and random windstorms occuring anywhere, port equipment, premises and liability insurer, TT Club is strongly recommending that terminal operators urgently review their terminal emergency plans for dealing with high winds and in particular crane tie-down procedures.

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