Transferring LNG from ship-to-ship safely and efficiently



Strainstall, Isle of Wight, UK


Strainstall have been awarded the contract to supply their Quick Release Hooks and Integrated BerthManager System for new Floating Natural Gas Liquefaction Units (LNG Producers), being constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea for FLEX LNG. These LNGP’s will be the first dedicated offshore liquefaction units used to develop stranded gas fields offshore.

The LNGP is a self-propelled vessel that will be moored at the gas field and risers will bring natural gas aboard. The vessel is able to pre-treat and liquefy natural gas, store and offload LNG in an offshore location. The current contract is for systems for four vessels with an option for a fifth.

The LNGP’s will be deployed for up to 25 years in remote waters with minimal allowance for any downtime or dry-docking, so all equipment supplied needed to be  proven, rugged, reliable and easily maintainable. Having been in business for over 40 years, and being involved with both marine and offshore systems since that time, Strainstall were able to demonstrate the pedigree of their products, and their ability to support their systems worldwide.

The new Strainstall Offshore BerthManager System will assist the operators during the approach and during the ship-to-ship transfer operations by providing  information on the speed of approach, mooring tensions, loading arm working envelope and other environmental parameters, which are all linked to a central control

The Strainstall scope of supply for each vessel is:

• GPS DockAlert vessel approach system
• Quick Release Hooks
• Remote controlled hook release
• MoorAlert mooring load monitoring
• Local hook tension displays and alarms
• Hook release panels in the control room and on vessel deck
• BerthManager integrated monitoring, display and logging.

The process is as such: LNG Carriers will approach the LNGP using the GPS DockAlert, which provides the pilot with information on relative speeds, relative  headings, etc, of the two vessels. Once alongside, the LNGC will moor to the LNGP using the Strainstall quick release hooks fitted with remote controlled hook release and load measuring pins, to provide real-time monitoring of tensions in the mooring lines. In line with SIGTTO recommendations, the quick release hook remote release is a separate hardwired system, though if required, Strainstall can supply this facility integrated into the BerthManager System.

Local displays provide mooring line tension and include audible and visual alarms in the event of any over or underload. All measurements are integrated into the  Strainstall BerthManager Software, which then provides the LNGP control room personnel with full display, alarms and logging of all data. All equipment is manufactured at Strainstall facilities in Europe.

Strainstall are working with their sister company, FenderCare Ltd, who are supplying the davits and pneumatic fenders.

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