Exclusive Q&A Peter Selwyn, CEO, Navicom Dynamics



Peter Selwyn, CEO, Navicom Dynamics


What are the essential factors implicit in sound port operations?

From our perspective, the essential factors are those of safety and efficiency. It almost sounds like a cliché these days, but the reality is that the holy grail of any organisation, port or otherwise, is to operate safely and efficiently. The products that Navicom Dynamics creates are designed to improve both the safety and efficiency of port operations. There are 2 main elements to this:

• Making the pilots’ jobs an easier and less-stressful one

• Improving communications between ship and shore

The information provided by our equipment to the pilot and/or the port is specifically customised to the needs of ports so that optimum use is made of the equipment in each case. It might be that there is a very complicated manoeuvre in the approaches to the port, or maybe there is a very tight swing off the berth, or perhaps the fendering system on the wharves is such that only limited energy can be absorbed when a vessel comes alongside. Or it might be under keel clearance considerations that predominate. A suitably customised product from Navicom can greatly decrease risk in all of these circumstances.

What do you think is the biggest single issue affecting ports and terminals today?

The biggest issue is how …

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