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The Collector’s Edition II

PTI Edition 66 - 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition; 20 Interviews celebrating IAPH and the opening of Maasvlakte II

Papers in this edition:

Q&A – Terex Port Solutions

An exclusive Q&A with Terex' Klaus Hoffmann where he discusses the opportunities and challenges in the port and terminal industry

Laser Sensors: The Best Port Defence

How does laser technology and automation interrelate in ports? PEMA offers expert insight, answering how the choice of sensor is vital for optimised operations

Q&A: Antoine Berbain, MD, HAROPA PORTS

MD of HAROPA PORTS (Le Havre, Rouen and Paris) explains the history of HAROPA and how the company is tackling mega-ships and expanding with a multimodal terminal

Increased risk of cybercrime at ports

Whilst technological advances undoubtedly provide greater operational efficiencies and opportunities for port and terminal operators to mitigate their exposure to theft and fraud, unfortunately they equally benefit criminal organisations.

Transnet Port Terminals: IntelliPort

Is the automating of port terminals the Holy Grail, or is a more delicate balance between people, process and technology wrapped in a layer of intelligence that elusive factor which will provide the next breakthrough in our industry?

New Equipment for New Demands

In the era of mega-ships, ports are dredging berths and expanding in size, however industry crane giants such as Liebherr are also pioneering for a diverse client base in tackling mega-ships

The Ever-Increasing Role of Laser-Based Technology

As can be seen, laser sensors have and will in the future be a transformative technology in the evolution of container ports. Currently there is significant debate regarding the feasibility and safety of driverless cars. Little by little the idea is gaining traction and in ten years’ time it is likely that manned and unmanned vehicles will coexist on our roads.

The Freight Rate Mystery Explained

Matthew Gore demystifies freight rates, looking at premium services and the influence of large vessels, alliances and big names such as Maersk

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