Tech Paper: Environmental Excellence at Prince Rupert



Jason Scherr, Manager of Environmental Sustainability, Prince Rupert Port Authority


Prince Rupert is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is home to the shortest trade route between North America and key Asian markets. We have five terminals that service bulk, container and cruise ships, with plenty of land available for future development. At present, the port is in the process of developing berthing facilities for LNG and

Working at Prince Rupert means we are lucky enough to be located within a beautiful physical setting, so the need to protect and sustain our natural environment is an obvious priority for us as a port authority. We started by joining the Green Marine program, which defines best practices for its industry participants and works to reduce the environmental footprint by the marine industry by undertaking concrete and measurable actions. An important part of being a participant in Green Marine is working with a common group of ports and partners around North America who are all working on environmental stewardship.

One of the criteria in the program is the implementation of an incentive program which adjusts harbour dues based on environmental performance, and so we felt that it was the right time to implement something along these lines for the Port of Prince Rupert.

Incentive program

Although strategically placed, Prince Rupert is a small port in relative terms and as such has low emissions. However, we are a growing port with a projected increase in the volume of ship calls, thus there is an interest in protecting both local air quality and…

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