Streamlining container handling with the GRID system



Brian G. Pfeifer, Ph.D., P.E, Director of Engineering, BEC Industries, LLC & Charles Benedict, Ph.D., P.E, CEO & president of BEC Industries.



Container ports are a rapidly growing part of the world economy and currently face a number of challenges related to limited capacity, traffic congestion, security scanning and environmental pollution issues. Many terminal operators are looking for new technology to help them deal with these challenges. BEC Industries, LLC (BEC) is an engineering firm which specializes in machine design and development. BEC is focused on innovative material handling technologies for military and commercial applications and has developed a transformational material handling system that is ready for implementation into the container handling industry.

The BEC Goods Retrieval and Inventory Distribution (GRID) system is a multi-directional overhead material handling system which uses a pioneering overhead Transfer Unit (TU) to manage densely stored containers. The military application of this system sorts and pre-stages containers on a ship while at sea, speeding container retrieval and deployment.

BEC presented the concept design for this system to the US military and was awarded several contracts which were completed successfully. Those contracts funded the development of the prototype and testing of the system at sea onboard a navy ship. BEC is now applying the GRID system to the commercial markets where it offers significant benefits to the container handling industry, as well as others…

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