Solar area lighting: a bright idea for illuminating ports



Katie Bullied, Carmanah Technologies Corp, Victoria, BC, Canada


Port authorities are continually faced with the challenge of balancing environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially responsible operations. As environmental protection moves to the forefront of concerns in today’s world, the need to incorporate renewable energy alternatives into daily operations becomes ever more imperative. As one of the most rapidly advancing renewable energy resources in the world, solar technology has gained attention from coast guards, ports, marinas and navies around the world as an attractive alternative that meets real needs, demanding performance requirements and green mandates.

From lanterns to lighting: first class solar

Traditionally used for marking aids-to-navigation buoys, solar LED (light emitting diode) technology is now making waves in the general illumination world. Canadian manufacturer, Carmanah Technologies Corporation of Victoria, British Columbia, recently launched one of the most powerful solar area lighting solutions on
the market – the EverGEN™ 1500 series. As a solar equivalent to AC powered street and parking lot lighting, the EverGEN 1500 incorporates Carmanah’s proven solar technology and industryleading BetaLED™ LED fixtures. The new EverGEN 1500 series offers up to 6800 lumens of delivered illumination in a visibly sustainable solution that meets environmental mandates and can be implemented within the constraints of budgetary limitations.

The EverGEN 1500 incorporates a sophisticated energy management system (EMS), which allows for optimal performance in demanding environmental conditions such as those encountered at ports and harbours. The EMS is the core technology inside every Carmanah solar LED product and functions as the ‘brain’ of the
system by monitoring the surrounding environment and dynamically adjusting energy management to match prevailing solar conditions. The EMS not only increases system efficiency, but also allows for intelligent lighting controls such as dimming and motion control to be incorporated into the system. The EMS ultimately allows
for reliable performance, brighter illumination levels and smaller system size.

Delivering all the illumination of an AC powered street or parking lot lighting solution, the EverGEN 1500 series can be installed anywhere around a port facility where reliable illumination is essential. The stand-alone system eliminates the difficulties associated with challenging and remote locations, and significantly reduces installation time and costs. By using a limitless energy resource, the EverGEN 1500 maintains the safety and efficiency of operations in the event of an electrical grid failure, and can provide ongoing cost savings by eliminating electrical bills.

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