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Power Up Your TOS

Decision-making in terminal operations is complex and intricate. Each decision has multiple flow-on decisions that, in turn, complicate future decisions. As a result, terminals have steadily increased the use of software – specifically, Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) – to gather critical data together and present the clearest picture to operators needing to make complex decisions.

As a first step this is good, but with all first steps there are limitations on what can be achieved. In an increasingly competitive market, operators are now faced with the need to not only make decisions but rather, make decisions that represent the best value to the terminal. This is where add-on Agile Optimization Modules for existing TOS adds significant value.


There are two factors that impact decision making in terminal operations: complexity and unpredictability. Complexity is straight forward; how complicated is the terminal environment (e.g., a highly standardized terminal with few moving parts or one with many interdependencies and variants).

Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President, INFORM GmbH, Aachen, Germany

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