Offshore solutions for Ship-to-Shore transfer of LNG



Bart Steuten, Bluewater Energy Services BV, Netherlands



LNG is one of the fastest growing hydrocarbon fuels in the present and foreseeable future. Capacity for liquefaction and  shipping is becoming available and new import terminals are being developed. Often these new terminals are land based in existing port areas or located in specially developed new port infrastructure. This results in, not only increased port congestion and related availability problems of both the new LNG terminal and the existing port facilities, but also notably higher construction and maintenance costs.

Offshore LNG import terminals, and in particular Single Point Moor ing (SPM) type ter minals, circumvent the disadvantages of expensive new port infrastructure and build on more than 40 years of experience with offshore transfer of products in the oil and petrochemical industry. This article presents two cost effective SPM based alternatives for offshore LNG transfer that form an attractive option for LNG terminal developers.


Energy analysts Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) predicts that …

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