Increased safety and transportation efficiency



Erik Brinch Nielsen, Marimatech, Hinnerup, Denmark


As ships keep getting bigger, timely delivery becomes ever more important.

Handling of goods is reaching levels over and above expectations.

Increased efficiency without compromise to safety is just one of the issues of what is needed.

Efficiency is many things, one such being the smooth and timely handling of ships.

Even the smallest delay will cause problems, forcing harbours to think up all matter of solutions to get ships in and out on time.

PPU features

One such tool is the Portable Piloting Unit (PPU), which will bring more opportunities to harbours if the technology is accepted and the relevant features and tools are included in the PPU.

The PPU is not just an electronic chart but has much more to offer.

What does the PPU offer?

Starting with its basic function the PPU is an electronic chart system based on an approved ECDIS.

Here we have a range of basic functions for safe and accurate navigation and positioning, which in most cases is better than what is on board the ship.

What is important is that the pilot… 

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