Defining Sustainable Innovative Container Handling is the real virtue: Efficient, Productive, Safe, Affordable and Resilient



Dr. Rafiq Swash, Founder, Aidrivers


Tomorrow’s successful container terminal operations must be efficient, productive, safe and resilient (including having the agility to be forward-compatible). No debate there, but there is a tendency to focus on the first three virtues and forget about the fourth.

If COVID-19 taught us nothing else, it was the importance of resilience! However, it’s important to remember that resilience covers a great deal more than the challenge of working through lockdowns and restrictions. Resilience means being able to adapt to changes and able to adopt change; it means ensuring your technology is flexible and futureproof; and it means remaining agile, and never allowing yourself or your operations to become fixed on one path. A successful terminal must never be limited on choice when it comes to expanding or realigning operations.

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