Continuous bulk material loading for all types of vessels



Bedeschi s.p.a., Limena, PA, Italy


Coeclerici Logistics

Recently, bulk material handling company Bedeschi was asked by Coeclerici Logistics, Italy to install some of its coal industry applications, in particular those applicable to coal conveying systems, to a plant in India.

Bedeschi has been commissioned to provide:

• No. 2 coal receiving hoppers with extractors. The volumetric capacity of each hopper is equal to approximately 50m3. Under each receiving hopper there is a rubber extractor suitable for transfering 1,200 t/h of coal from the hopper to the loading belt system.

• Box feeders CNG 10/1600, complete with conveyor belt system.

• Ship Loader SHL 1600 with a nominal capacity of 2,000 t/h. Coal transhipment by use of floating terminals Some ports have the advantage of deep water coupled with wide and flat areas for handling and a formation of piles and plants for easy and quick handling. While in other ports, the available space and equipment can be outdated, which leads to unfavourable conditions.

Due to the need to easily load panamax and cape size vessels, new solutions have been realised over the last few years, which have helped to overcome these unfavourable conditions. The use of less expensive and more flexible equipment is in stark contrast to permanent structures, which are installed at dock and result in
higher economic and ecologic costs.

These new solutions are termed offshore unloading systems, which either consist of floating cranes, or in situations where cranes are unable to operate, then transhipment ships, floating terminals and artificial isles or type catamarans are used instead.

The Bedeschi company has many years experience in supplying material handling machines and thus designed a system for continuous bulk material loading for ocean vessels up to capsize in deep water anchorage.

A simple and reliable system of transhipment for different materials can consist of using two receiving hoppers for grabs unloading capacity each minimum 50m3, two belt feeders, one transversal conveyor, and finally a shiploader.

Scorpio Logistics

In the summer of 2008, Scorpio Logistics, a Singapore based company, awarded a contract to Bedeschi to install coal handling transhipping machinery and equipment on two barges (Zeus and Apollo) for operations in Indonesia and Philippines.

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