BOXBAY: The Future is Vertical



Mathias Dobner (BOXBAY), Volker Brück (SMS Group/AMOVA), Ronald van der Meer and Patrick Bol (DP World)


Port Technology is pleased to release an exclusive technical paper from the brains behind the new 'high bay' terminal planned by DP World and SMS Group. 

The paper offers an analysis of the composition of the terminal, as well as outlining how it can drive the industry forward by meeting future demands. 

DP World and SMS Group have teamed up to form a joint company 'BOXBAY', which is the driving force behind the innovation. 

The paper is authored by Mathias Dobner (BOXBAY), Volker Brück (SMS Group/AMOVA), Ronald van der Meer (DP World), Patrick Bol (DP World), who state: “We believe container handling technology is set to take a huge leap forward thanks to BOXBAY, an international joint venture formed by global trade enabler DP World and industrial engineering specialist SMS group.

“BOXBAY has been created to offer new solutions for container storing and handling through its High Bay Storage (HBS) system – a disruptive new technology that significantly improves operations at container terminals. Instead of stacking containers directly on top of each other, which has been global standard practice for decades, BOXBAY places each container in an individual rack, making each one directly accessible.”

The edition forms part of PTI's upcoming CTAC Edition, which is being published in line with PTI's upcoming CTAC Event. 

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