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In the container handling industry there is only a handful of papers for serious reading.

Port Cranes

I highly appreciate PTI as a quality product that is continuously improved and expanded.

Vice President
ABB Crane System

PTI has always been recognised for reporting fair and up to date journalism.

Sales Director

In my opinion PTI is all about providing complete, valuable, professional information we can rely on.

Haifa Port

PTI is by far the most professional port journal in the marketplace.

Founder and Managing Director

The PTI journal has always provided an in-depth look at the port business over the past 20 years.

Managing Director
Liebherr Maritime Cranes

In a time when the maritime field is constantly evolving, it is great to read a journal that is much more in-depth than the weekly or monthly magazines.

Deputy Director General
Port of Le Havre Authority

We believe that PTI publishes well balanced and phrased articles introducing new technologies from equipment suppliers, to name only one example.

Vice President and Managing Director
Terex Port Solutions

PTI provides an excellent up-to-date view of port and terminal operations through articles directly written by industry leaders, and also through critical review of the industry.

Vice President and Marketing Director

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About Port Technology International

Published twelve times a year, PTI is the only technical preview and review of advanced technologies for ports, harbours and terminals world-wide.

Each edition features over 30 technical papers written by leading industry professionals, which reflect emerging trends and technical advances that enhance efficiency and increase productivity in ports and terminals.

The journal is divided into distinctive sections, reflecting every aspect of operation in the port or terminal:

  • Global Issues
  • Mega Ship Port Developments
  • Automation & Optimisation
  • China Focus
  • Port Planning, Design & Construction
  • Container Handling
  • Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling
  • Oil, Gas & Chemical Handling
  • VTS, Navigation, Mooring & Berthing
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Security, Surveillance & Detection

PTI continues to bring to its readership cutting-edge philosophies and technologies including business intelligence, short-sea shipping, integrated transport decision-making and intermodal.

Port Directors and Terminal Operators as well as Ship Owners and Operators use Port Technology International to obtain new contacts, assess and evaluate new products and plan for the future. The journal is an invaluable source of reference for their purchasing and specifying decisions.