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Visy Oy joins the Container Owners Association

International Container Cargo ship in operation.
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Finnish company Visy Oy has joined the Container Owners Association (COA), the company announced in a recent newsletter.

Joining the COA as a technology provider enables us to obtain a deeper understanding of the industry’s requirements and ensure that our solutions are evolving in the right way, the company said.

“For example, in June, we launched the world’s first automatic damage detection system (Visy ADDS) to identify container damage before it becomes a problem in the supply chain,” said Visy.

“Damaged containers cost the industry billions of dollars per year in insurance claims, lost efficiency, health/safety issues, and destroyed goods. By working with the COA and its other members, we will ensure that our ADDS roadmap matches the needs of the industry,” the company added.  

Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) Indonesia has become the first terminal to host the ADDS.

The solution uses modern Artificial Intelligence and vision technology to clear liabilities for damaged containers, enhance automation in container terminals, help protect cargo, and decrease truck turnaround times.

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