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Visy Oy launches Automatic Damage Detections System with first customer in Indonesia

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Finnish company Visy Oy has launched its Automatic Damage Detection System (ADDS) which it claims is a world first.

Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) Indonesia has become the first terminal to host the ADDS.

The solution uses modern AI and vision technology to clear liabilities for damaged containers, enhance automation in container terminals, help protect cargo, and decrease truck turnaround times.

Company literature states that non-stop operation, online monitoring, and automated alerts allow damage inspection without interrupting traffic.

Visy ADDS automatically recognises structural and surface deformities in containers, such as dents and bulges, when trucks drive through detection portals. This means that trucks no longer need to stop for manual damage inspections.

The ADDS can also be integrated into existing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) portals including the Visy Iris OCR portal.

For the project at TPS Indonesia, the main challenges were to increase volumes using existing infrastructure, reduce truck turnaround times and to address revenue leaks from damage claims.  

TPS Indonesia now host two ADDS portals and six OCR portals.

“TPS is proud to host the world’s first ADDS technology. ADDS technology really helps TPS to provide excellent service to all customers. This value is in line with our motto as a reliable world-class port,” said Robby Dayoh, Engineering Director of TPS.

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