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Tsubaki launches UAT1555 as part of advanced product series

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Tsubaki Kabelschlepp (Tsubaki) has launched the UAT1555, which it says offers excellent protection against dirt chips entering industrial cable carriers and features a high-quality design and integrated noise damping.

The UNIFLEX Advanced series offers reliable solid plastic cable carriers with fixed cable carrier widths, the company said.

This UAT1555 was developed for rough ambient conditions with chips, dirt and dust and effectively prevents foreign bodies from entering into the cable space. The special cover systems ensures excellent protection for the installed cables and hoses.

In addition, the cable carrier is highly sturdy thanks to the optimized geometry of the chain links and offers an extensive unsupported length.

The UAT1555 is suitable for unsupported and gliding applications. The integrated damping system makes it very quiet – ideal for use in machine tool manufacturing, for example.

“The cable carrier series stands out not only on account of its technical features, but also with its special design that focuses on form as well as function,” the company said.

“The virtually smooth sideband contour of the individual chain links has almost no gaps through which foreign bodies could enter.

“UAT1555 models that open outwards are available for fast cable laying. With the UMB end connectors, users can easily connect the cable carrier from above, from below or from the face side.

“The cover can simply be unlocked with a screwdriver. The cables can be attached easily and quickly with optional C-rails and LineFix clamps. C-rails and strain relief combs are attached to the UMB connectors and require no separate screw connections.

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