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Tsubaki presents optimised gliding of the cable carrier

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The modular Alu Guide system from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp now also offers a plastic glide plate. This can easily be integrated into the channel wall without tools and ensures smooth gliding of the cable carrier.

The improved gliding properties can also save drive power, which results in lower energy consumption. An optimised damping band reduces noise generation and ensures quiet running of the cable carrier.

The Alu Guide system for extended travel lengths and high loads ensures smooth guiding during gliding operation and quiet running of the cable carrier.

The channel is suitable for one-sided or opposite arrangement of cable carriers, with or without glide plate. The open version prevents dirt deposits and lets liquids drain away during operation.

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp supplies the 2000 mm long standardised channel profiles in three sizes from stock; they can be individually adjusted to the width of the carrier.

Separately available installation kits for indoor and outdoor use ensure fast and easy mounting, whereby the elements can be bolted onto C-rails or directly onto any level surface (steel frame or consoles).

This makes the Alu Guide system ideal for gantries and axes in the field of machine tools, but also for irrigation systems or workshop cranes.

The material is resistant to seawater and can therefore also be used in maritime applications, such as on STS cranes.

Pacesetter for digitalisation: Cable carriers from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

Digitalisation changes the way we live and work – from digital whiteboards in schools to networked product environments.

However, for machines to communicate with each other and robots to take over tasks, they always need a lifeline for power supply and the exchange of data and signals.

This is where the tsubaki kabelschlepp cable carriers come into play. They protect and guide the indispensable cables – cable spaghetti and communication problems cannot occur in the first place. The focus here is always on customer benefit.

The digital tools from tsubaki Kabelschlepp also ensure this: Whether OnlineEngineer or Quickfinder, the intuitive online tools facilitate orientation in the extensive product portfolio.

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