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Tsuabki launches new low-noise cable carrier system

Tsuabki launches low-noise cable carrier system
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Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has developed a lightweight, low-noise, and low-dust cable carrier system that for clean room applications found in microchip and semiconductor production.

In a statement, the company said ‘Quantum’ has been designed without joints to ensure that no abrasion or wear is caused during operation by the connecting elements.

The solution’s curved sections avoid vibrations that could cause wear in the upper run, Tsubaki said, which makes it one of the quietest cable carrier systems on the market.

Additionally, it also has separate stay systems that can be operated both inwards and outwards, with variable widths and a wide range of options for height separation.

The system also facilitates a degree of 3D motion, so there is no need for extra carriers to handle moderate multi-axis movement.

A high load capacity as well as superior functional reliability and durability is also assured by quality materials such as aluminum and technical plastics for the stays, plus extruded steel cables in the profile support floor.

Thomas Ameis, Senior Technical Expert, Tsubaki, said, “From extensive testing and experience in the field, we know that our aluminum stays significantly reduce wear on cables while increasing their service life.

“Quantum is not only UV-stable but also has excellent resistance to both coolants and lubricants. The system is ideally suited to applications in the clean room, microchip assembly, and semiconductor applications, but is also deployed together with handling/assembly systems, robots and instruments, and in pick-and-place, printing, and textile machinery.”

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