TBA’s Dr. Saanen: Simulation Can Help Plan Terminals

 22 Dec 2017 08.56am

Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA, has explained how the industry-leading consultancy, simulation and software specialist for ports, terminals and warehouses can show its customers how new software can affect their operations.

For TBA’s third video of the AI and Automation series (above), Dr. Saanen has explained how simulation can visualize processes and ensure facilities investment in the correct technology.

Dr. Saanen, who will be speaking at Port Technology’s Container Terminal Automation Conference, has built up his expertise in container terminal simulation over more than two decades.

It culminated in worldwide recognition after he received a nomination by the KIVI, the Dutch society for Engineers, for the Engineer of the Year award due to his design and realization work on the fully automated APM Terminals' Maasvlakte II terminal.

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For a decade, TBA has been allowing its customers to test new software systems before implementation at their terminals to minimize the risk of using emerging technologies.

In the video, Dr. Saanen said: “In container terminals, we’re talking about mission-critical software, which means, if the software stops, the terminal doesn’t run.

“We link the software in a laboratory environment to our simulations models, which then play the role of the real terminal.”

Read more: Dr. Saanen’s latest technical paper, ‘Using Intelligent TOS Plug-ins to Increase Terminal Performance’, explains how to combat rising container volumes with software

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