Using Intelligent TOS Plug-Ins to Increase Terminal Performance

Using Intelligent TOS Plug-Ins to Increase Terminal Performance

Dr Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director, TBA; Frieda Zutt, Senior Consultant, TBA, Delft, Netherlands

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As volumes have found their way up again, and additional terminal capacity is not easily realized, terminals return to seeking improvements in their internal processes. Based on our experience, which covers over 50 terminals where we assisted in performance improvement programs, it is possible to make substantial performance gains for internal processes. This is also recognized by the terminals themselves. A recent survey by Navis indicates that 76% of the respondents put process improvement as a ‘number one priority’ for terminal operations. Process improvements may be seen through productivity increases, gains in service levels, for example the reliability of port stay, capacity enhancement due to using space more effectively, and cost reductions. Without a doubt, double digit improvements can be attained in the performance-cost index. 

  Cyber Risk & Security      Automation and Optimisation, Container Handling, Terminal Logistics

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