TBA Unveils Results of Brownfield Terminal Study

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TBA, port software simulations specialists, has revealed that tripling quay capacity at the Operaciones Portuarias Cabarias S.A. (OPSCA) can be easily achieved without infrastructure investment following a study that reviewed terminal capacity and the impact of alternative handling technology.

According to a statement, OPCSA, in the Port of Las Palmas, Spain, part of the TIL Group terminals required TBA’s simulation expertise to identify and forecast possible scenarios to support investment in specific areas.

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The brownfield terminal currently handles 800,000 TEU, but TBA’s advanced berth simulation analysis revealed that the volume could be increased by at least three times without the need for investment through installation of additional QCs.

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Another outcome of the study was that the current yard capacity of the terminal – with its rubber-tired gantry (RTG) system and operational conditions – is limited to one million TEU.

If volume grows beyond the yard capacity than expansion and alternative handling system must be explored in order to facilitate the growth.

Zack Lu, Project Manager, TBA Group, said: For a brownfield terminal it can be daunting exercise to forecast the future volume or capacity limits. We guided OPCSA by providing a concise overview of evidence-based available options within their terminal constraints.”

Captain Jan Nowak, CEO, OPCSA, also commented: “The dynamic nature of container logistics poses quite a challenge for existing terminals to anticipate to future demands.

“We are striving to improve the efficiency of our local operations, initiate modernization processes and increase productivity.

“This has to be done in order to stay competitive in the market while ensuring a sustainable continuity of the terminal.”

“TBA is acclaimed in the industry for their simulation expertise, their familiarity with different systems and equipment and having dealt with complex global implementation cases.

“They have carefully scrutinized our current situation, provided us with a solid overview of alternatives and defined the impact of the solutions to our operations.”

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