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10 Pre-Requisites for Smart Terminals: 2019 Update

TBA’s chief Dr. Yvo Saanen provides an update on his previous paper, focusing on the development of smart terminals.

In 2018, the first version of this paper was published, reflecting on the technologies that bring value to ports and terminals, yet also reviewing the level to which these technologies have been adopted.

The conclusion then was that despite the vast availability of technologies, few have been widely applied, and many are looking for problems to solve.

The buzz today is centred around 5G. If the discussion is not about the suspected loopholes in Huawei’s technology, then it is focused on the enormous potential 5G offers for almost every environment.

Once again though, is it a technology seeking a problem? 4G is already quite fast and has been applied across terminals as a viable alternative to narrow band or WiFi.  

Author(s): Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder, TBA, The Netherlands


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