Spire Global releases weather visualisation platform

Spire Global releases weather visualisation platform 

Spire Global, a global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services, has announced the launch of DeepVision™.

DeepVision™ is a weather monitoring and alerting solution designed to revolutionise global weather awareness for the energy, supply chain, and logistics industries

Powered by space-driven weather forecasts, proprietary global modelling, and sophisticated machine learning, DeepVision™ reportedly offers proactive weather monitoring and advanced insights tailored to global supply chain management.

Leveraging Spire’s global weather coverage, including under-observed areas and remote regions, the solution can monitor and alert on thousands of moving or static supply chain assets, existing infrastructure, planned routes and more in real-time.

With the visualisation platform, the company said customers can proactively monitor weather conditions, anticipate potential disruptions, and take immediate action to mitigate risk and optimise operations across every layer of complex trade and supply networks.  

“The world is witnessing an increase in extreme and high-impact weather events,” said Mike Eilts, General Manager of Weather and Earth Intelligence at Spire.

“Now, more than ever, businesses require highly scalable solutions that can monitor weather impacts and optimise their supply chains.

“With DeepVision™, our customers can weather-proof their supply chains, allowing them to make informed decisions and enhance operational efficiencies in the face of weather-related challenges.” 

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DeepVision™ offers an array of features designed to empower businesses to tackle weather-related challenges, including: 

  • Customised Alerting System: users can set specific thresholds and receive timely notifications about weather conditions that may impact their operations, allowing for proactive measures to minimise disruptions. 
  • Advanced Global Forecasts: DeepVision™ provides detailed insights and visualisations of weather conditions along routes or specific regions of interest, enabling informed decision-making and operational optimisation. The integration of machine learning principles into Spire’s numerical weather models ensures highly accurate forecasts for specific points of interest. 
  • Shipment Monitoring: Users can track weather conditions along transportation routes, including rail, road, airports, and seaports, ensuring the safety and efficiency of supply chain operations through real-time updates and proactive management of weather-related risks. 
  • Interactive Map with Thresholds: DeepVision’s interactive map offers a user-friendly interface for visualising weather data, user-defined locations, and customisable thresholds, facilitating strategic decision-making based on accurate and relevant information. 
  • High Scalability: The solution is built to be highly performant, with capacity for any company to add up to millions of fixed or moving locations to be monitored. 

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In May 2023, PSA BDP launched a risk-monitoring digital product to help shippers manage disruptions in international trade. The tool is an add-on feature to Smart Navigator, a digital platform that uses data analysis to provide real-time supply chain visibility.

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