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Rotterdam Pilots New Container Scanning System


The port of Rotterdam Authority will be piloting a new container identification system that will scan incoming cargo on trucks for registration details.

The test project will be undertaken in collaboration with Barge Terminal Tilburg and Certus Port Automation, a manufacturer of container identification and monitoring systems.

All trucks that arrive or depart from the inland container terminal will pass through a newly developed scanner that scans trucks for registration numbers and containers for container numbers.


Image courtesy of the Port of Rotterdam Authority


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The scanner will also provide images so that the container’s status on arrival and at departure from the terminal can be examined.

The scanned data will help reduce manual work at the terminal, making operations more accurate and the entire logistics chain more efficient.

Similar identification and monitoring systems have been previously utilized at the deep sea container terminals in the port of Rotterdam, however the new system will be the first of its kind to best deployed at the Barge Terminal Tilburg.

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