Rotterdam and IBM: Building the Port of the Future

Rotterdam and IBM: Building the Port of the Future

Paul Smits, Chief Financial Officer, Rotterdam Port Authority

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Alongside technology giant IBM, we have launched a new partnership that focuses on the far-reaching digitalization of the port and the development of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This cloud-based platform will allow the Rotterdam Port Authority to collect and process data from a large number of sensors. The initiative is intended to prepare the 42-km port area for autonomous shipping. The first step involves the development of a dashboard that brings together and processes real-time sensor data with information about water and weather conditions.

The objective: to increase the safety and efficiency of transport management in the port. We aim to be the world’s ‘smartest’ port here in Rotterdam. In this context, it is vital that we utilise the big data available in the port area to make our logistics chain as safe and efficient as possible. We can use real-time information about infrastructure, water, air, and so forth in order to tremendously improve the level of service offered to our clients. Further...

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