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Collaboration to Boost Freight Rate Platform

Collaboration to Boost Freight Rate Platform

Xeneta, a provider of ocean freight rate intelligence, has revealed that it will collaborate with management software specialist Catapult to provide users with “game changing benefits”.

The new agreement, according to Xeneta, gives Catapult customers access to Xeneta data through their existing software workflow, allowing them to compare market information and rates to their own.

By collaborating with Catapult, Oslo-based Xeneta plans to grow its footprint within the market and enable better, more profitable decision-making.

Adam Yaron, FAST Applications, discusses digital freight forwarding in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Paul Mullins, Xeneta CRO, commented: “In short, access to Xeneta’s data will give the Catapult community the ability to quote more quickly, accurately and profitably to customers looking to ship their products.

“For our company, it gives us greater access to the established Catapult community and pushes the Xeneta brand and market standing on to the next level.

“It’s an exciting collaboration that we’ve been discussing for the past 18 months, so it’s hugely gratifying to finally be able to roll it out and deliver compelling benefits for customers worldwide.”



Virgil Ferreira, Catapult CEO, added: “Speaking to the Xeneta team and to our clients we realized that they were using benchmarking data at a global procurement level, or for periodic market analysis, but were finding it difficult to deliver that powerful information in a meaningful and actionable way to their broader team.

“We concluded we needed to put the data where the day to day rating decisions are being made, in the rate management system.”

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