Digital Freight Forwarding

Digital Freight Forwarding

Adam Yaron, CEO, FAST Applications

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Author's note: Freight forwarding is a 150 billion-dollar industry, with more than 100 million containers being moved globally. It is one of the markets that still suffers from analog processes and is already subject to disruption towards digital technologies. For the traditional Freight Forwarders, it is necessary to transform themselves, so they will fit in the digital age or they risk becoming extinct in the next years. FAST, a white label, branded SaaS (Software as a Service) platform can turn any freight forwarder to digital without upfront investments or an in-house programming team, helping the existing freight forwarding businesses to compete in the age of disruption by digital rivals.

Freight Forwarders play a vital role in the supply chain by obtaining space on airplanes or ocean vessels at the best rate possible for shippers. As a relationship business, freight forwarding traditionally took place by phone, fax or in person, and because of this, it was not known for its efficiency. Identified as one of the markets that still suffers from analogue processes and missing transparency, the 150 billion-dollar freight forwarding industry and its 100 million containers are subject to disruption by digital technologies...

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