Artificial Intelligence Defined


An article recently written by Jon Skillings and published by CNET, shows the common terms that are used when discussing the nature of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is developing at a rapid pace, with companies examining its potential to propel business growth.  

According to CNBC, Google has stated that it aims to win the artificial intelligence game, following news that it had purchased UK artificial intelligence firm Deepmind for more than US$537 million at the beginning of 2014.

Some common terms include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence – the broader term itself refers to simulated intelligence in machines and the science of making those intelligent machines.
  2. Machine Learning – this is the ability for machines to learn tasks on their own, as well as identify patterns without any prior programming.
  3. Deep Learning – the ability for machines to recognise relationships in data.

Artificial intelligence is still developing in the container terminal industry, however, intelligent autonomous machines are used at some fully automated terminals globally.

These machines will be controlled by a central terminal operating system (TOS), which will coordinate the movement of automated cranes and other such equipment.

Simulation and emulation company TBA are currently developing simulated virtual training techniques to allow terminal operator staff to train in a virtual environment.

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It has recently launched the PTI-TBA training portal, which is designed to empower workers with the skills needed to be more productive within terminals.

Read more about the training portal here

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