Emulation Software for Virtual Reality TOS Training by TBA Group

Emulation Software for Virtual Reality TOS Training  by TBA Group   Emulation Software for Virtual Reality TOS Training  by TBA Group image 2

Even the best TOS can not control a terminal without well trained operators. TBA Group uses CONTROLS as a Training Tool. This enables the user to interact with a “virtual terminal” by means of emulation; this allows the user to learn and apply concepts in an interactive manner that replicates a real life training in a controlled environment. This type of training is not only more practical in terms of time consumption, as experiments can be run faster than real time, but it also allows a more effective planning of training programs.

The emulation training tool can be used by mid-size container facilities to mega terminals and from conventional to fully automated terminals and covers 8 different types of TOS solutions.

- Improve capabilities of vessel planners

- Learn the impact of yard parameters in TOS

- Train advanced TOS features:

- Train equipment dispatchers

- Expert Decking, Autostow, PrimeRoute

Proven Success

TBA’s proven approach for this virtual training tool comes in a five step process:

Process mapping and requirements check- Implemented to ensure new TOS supports terminal processes and to provide solutions for gaps found between processes and functionality.

Organisational alignment- Modifications that align with new operational procedures are suggested for the organisation.

Performance and load testing- Tests are used to verify TOS operates according to necessary standards, in a steady pace and under peak load conditions. 

Fine-tuning TOS parameters- The emulations used to fine-tune TOS parameters identifies and defines the optimal set of parameters to go live. 

Training in virtual terminal environment- Users can interact with a virtual terminal to witness the impact decisions have on terminal performance. 

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