APMT Hails Latin America Transformation

 19 Feb 2019 09.39am

APM Terminals (APMT) has said the introduction of an accurate and reliable Truck Appointment System (TAS) has improved operational efficiencies and greater visibility at its Inland Services Ecuador facility.

In a statement, the terminal operator said its facilities in Ecuador and Latin America have met the logistical challenges brought on by the increasing global trade in years, and that the TAS has been pivotal.

According to APMT, the solution was initiated in its Ecuador facility following successful implementation in Peru.

A recent Port Technology technical paper looked at the future of container terminal design 

It said it allows truck arrivals to be spread evenly throughout the day with a truck turnaround of just 45 minutes. Consequently, containers arrive faster - reduces the risk of produce being damaged – and truckers have improved their fleet utilization.

Fohodil Galeas, general manager at APM Terminals Inland Services Ecuador, said this about the transformation: "The visibility provided by the system also results in better yard planning, as there are a fixed maximum number of appointments per shift and we know in advance when the 'busy' periods will be.

“We are able to assign resources - equipment, people - in a more efficient way without sacrificing service." 

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