Designing Future-Proof Container Terminals

Designing Future-Proof Container Terminals

Timo Alho, Jarno Kuipers, Kalmar; Tom Vermeiren, Wim Welvaarts, and Dries van den Broeck Rebel Ports and Logistics

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This paper examines best practices and recommended approaches to structuring the design process of container terminals. When moving towards increased levels of terminal automation, terminal design is an especially complex process that requires extensive planning and careful risk management. Early decisions made during the design phase have huge implications later on, so a structured evaluation of various scenarios is essential for project success.

Industry studies have highlighted that many shipping lines are dissatisfied with the service they receive at terminals, and that they would be willing to invest more in return for improvements in, for example, the availability of equipment as well as the reliability, efficiency and consistency of the service they receive.

  Terminal Automation Design      Automation and Optimisation, Terminal Logistics

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