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AI-enabled autonomous solutions mitigate traffic jams at ports

ROTTERDAM, SEP 6, 2013: Automated Guided Vehicles moving shipping containers to and from gantry cranes in a port container terminal.
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Aidrivers has detailed how AI-enabled autonomy can ensure autonomous vehicles can operate seamlessly without disruption in ports facilities.

In a recent blog the company highlights how it has crated intricate AI Algorithms to ensure connected vehicles navigate autonomously in the mixed traffic of existing terminals without the need for a change to infrastructure.

Visionary in Industry: Artificial Intelligence in Maritime

This is ultimately how autonomous vehicles need to operate at the group level and with other elements of the transportation environment in ports.

Aidrivers says its AI enabled technology makes certain that port fleets are where they need to be just at the moment they need to be there. This is where the reduction in wasted journeys between jobs can be mitigated.

In addition, there is the ability for vehicles to self-diagnose/self-prognose which can lead to a reduction in maintenance costs and downtime.

To read the full article click here.

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