Visionary in Industry: Artificial Intelligence in Maritime



Interview with Dr. Rafiq Swash, Founder, Aidrivers


Aidrivers is a company specialising in advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). For PTI’s 100th Edition Aidrivers’ Founder, Dr. Rafiq Swash, spoke about his journey with AI, how the technology can play a role in the ports and terminals industry and the future of Aidrivers.

“The maritime industry has been growing due to global demand for increased logistics capacity. Our leading port operators have done a great job at scaling up to deliver. However, operations are inefficient and this results in wasted resource and lower quality service delivery. In the coming years, I believe there will be a step change in achieving higher resiliency in operations, more resource efficiency, and the reduction of operational costs.

“I also believe that ports will improve the quality of their service to remain competitive within the sector.  These improvements will lead to zero energy waste with almost 100% resource efficiency and in-time operations which could be provided by creatively applying AI and autonomous technology with intelligent integration for a smarter environment.

“The future improvements in the maritime industry should focus on achieving ultimate resource efficiency with fixed reduced. operational costs and resilient operations to remain competitive and sustainable.”

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