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TCK.W invented current the world’s most advanced “magnetic memory wire rope AI weak magnetic detection technology” (referred to as: TCK.W technology), and owns all the intellectual property rights of this technology. TCK.W won the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference (USA) OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award

TCK.W magnetic memory wire rope AI weak magnetic inspection technology fully uses the characteristic of magnetic memory of ferro-magnetic material. It actively regulates a memory magnetic field with appropriate quantity. It uses wide air gap and non-contact weak magnetic sensing technology and AI technology. By collecting magnetic energy potential differential information distributed and memorized in wire rope volume element, it can inspect broken wire, abrasion, corrosion and fatigue caused by strength loss on wire rope qualitatively and quantitatively and position the defects. Thus the technical difficulty of wire rope safety inspection can be resolved. The fifth generation (5G) of TCK.W wire rope inspection technology not only satisfies requirement of wire rope inspection of all countries in the world, but also exceeds the standards in many aspects.

  1. The latest and most advanced technology.
  2. Original, creative and significant impact.
  3. Proven, through full-scale application and or successful prototype testing.
  4. Broad appeal for the industry.
  5. Provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies.

TCK.W technology meets the market requirements of wire rope inspection for the first time and has the exclusive ownership of the technology worldwide.

TCK.W products have been accepted by users in China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries. Users spread over ports, oil, mining, ships, construction, steel and metallurgy, national defense, cranes, elevators, ropeways, and cable-stayed Bridge and many other fields.

TCK.W will replace and eliminate current inspection technology in the wire rope inspection fields and become globe leader of the company in this field.


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