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Lorenz Technology Aps


Lorenz Technology provides intelligent drone solutions for ports.

Lorenz Technology intelligent drone solutions is autonomous drone flights, digital analysis of visual data, and automation management in the cloud platform Lorenz Hive.

Who are Lorenz Technology?

Our mission is to make all drones autonomous with AI-based software.

As a team of dedicated specialists pursuing the development of intelligent, versatile, and user-friendly drone software solutions, we continuously develop and innovate.


How it all started?

Lorenz Technology was founded in March 2017 by Lars Lorenzt and Helge Munk to utilize the full potential of smart drone technology in terms of security, work efficiency, and sustainability.

​Initially, this business idea was supported by an investment from Syddansk Innovation and has gone through rapid development, growing the size of the team and extending the board with new members, among others, founder of Universal Robots, Esben Østergaard.


Where can you find us?

Located at Funen in Denmark, we are proud to be part of the growing cluster and strong ecosystem of robotics, automation and drone companies situated in and around the city of Odense.

The city is home to 130+ companies within Odense Robotics, and you can find us in a 1970’ties modernized factory building with outdoor facilities to test our technology on site.

Further info:

Contact Details

Sivlandsvænget 3
Søren Land
Sales Director
+45 20 20 16 08

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